Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A quick social media note

I am totally over facebook.

I have quite a few of you on my facebook, and I am about to change my account there to family/former students only. (It is nice to keep in touch with family I never see that way, but otherwise it's just one more thing on the list.)

Anyway, do not take the unfriending personally, please?

I am always here on the blog. Always available via Email. Still on pinterest.

And I do have a makin' projiks facebook page. I don't use it at all right now, but maybe I will.

It may not seem like it, but keeping this blog going all these years has been work and I would rather focus my energy here, where I find pleasure and reward in keeping track of us, than on facebook, where it gets sucked into some internet abyss.

I appreciate the relationships that develop here a lot more than I do reading about chicken for days on end. :-)


  1. Sounds good. I like the ease of clicking like on fb, so you know I'm reading.. I'm a crappy commentor. But I subscribe on google reader so I'll know what's up with you, even if I don't comment, I'm here!

  2. I got rid of my FB awhile ago, then got it back a couple weeks ago, then got rid of it again a few days ago for good! After reading that "friends" could turn your name in to get points and rewards from a political party and that your name could go on a list for calls because of it.. NO thank you!! Too creepy and just wrong!! Besides, blogs are more fun and if my friends want to talk, they can pick up the phone.

  3. Never liked the FB and never had one. Seemed like way too much to keep track of. You know where to find me....Smiles..Renee


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