Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh yes I did

Thank you for your sweet words. I definitely think something like an on call nanny is the way to go, but I have to figure out how to actually hire an on call nanny. Ugh.

I bought another quilt at a yard sale on Friday.

Is anyone else starting to wonder how many of these I own at this point? I think I am afraid to count.

This is my most favorite quilt pattern ever. I searched for years and years for one I could afford. I bought one on Ebay a few years ago and never expected to find another one to call my own.
Then there she was. Shining at me from the street like a beacon.

I didn't really spend a lot of time examining it, so I thought it was in way worse shape than it really is.

But when she refused to negotiate on the price I knew I was buying it anyway.
Every single flower has the most amazing prints. And I think less than 5 of the flowers have been lost to shattering. The edges have been rebound at some point, but so what?
Fabulous I tell you.
And fussy cut.
And pretty in pink. (The outside is a pale yellow, the sun is too bright right now for good photos.)
I also bought this beautiful little bonnet.
Which opens up to reveal a sweet needle case (the bonnet part is holding bobbins of thread).
And the tiniest (perfectly pale pink) buttons I have ever seen.

I have a DIY to show you this week, another amazing flea market find, and a sweet gift for Sam. Hopefully I can pull off some blogging.

*Even though we are so close to baby time I broke down and bought myself some decent shirts yesterday. My maternity clothes are getting so short and so holey it is looking like people of wal-mart in here. THAT is not helping me at all. I should probably get a haircut too.

** I also bought every single Halloween magazine in Costco. Hey, a girl can dream, right?


  1. So important to take care of yourself! Glad you bought some new get your hair done!
    Love your newest quilt! I saw a pillow made of a crazy quilt (silks and velvets) with hand stitching. Now I dream of it~but the price was so high I passed it by. Regrets!
    Hugs to you and your kiddos!

  2. I love that pattern, too. Glad you bought clothes in addition to the quilt; People of Wal Mart is not a good look.

  3. Definitely take some much needed time for yourself. Gorgeous quilt. Can't wait to see your DIY. I left Costco with 2 Halloween magazines under my arm yesterday too.

  4. I cannot believe you got that at a yard sale. I have been looking for one for years. Nothing in the budget yet. You find the best stuff. Super jealous although I am sure it fits in your house much better than mine. I found a little mirror like the irmi one for 4 dollars at Hobby Lobby...can't wait to fix it up...smiles..Renee

  5. I love that bonnet. Bonnet envy.

    Sweet quilt too.


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