Saturday, August 11, 2012

Squuuuuuuueeeezing out the last bit of summer break

Oh man. I have had so much drama with my mother the last two days. My mom is bipolar. She lives (mostly) independently these days and has been doing okay for a long stretch now. And then this week that all went to hell.

I had to call the police department, there was an ambulance, a foot broken in three places (not me), and a big revelation about some medication issues that are frankly TERRIFYING.

It's a complete and utter mess.

At the worst possible time.

And it involved me yelling (a lot) and crying (a little), which if you knew me you would know does not happen very often.

I am feeling better about it today, but something about trying to raise these little people really...well, what's the word I want here? amplifies (?) some feelings I have about my own childhood.

Anyway. In order to try and fulfill all of those requests from Jack that are still unfulfilled because of the boiling hot summer, we have been trying to squeeze in one activity a day.

Today was mini golf:

Sam is not as unhappy as she looks here, she wouldn't look at me. I included it because of their hair! Sam was born with super black hair. And look at that. Our pediatrician said to me last month that he had never noticed just how much the kids look alike. I can't wait to see what number three looks like, because the first two really are spitting images of each other.

Jack is 4'4" or something?
Yesterday we went to the park. This pic was Jack's idea and I am thinking it's a good spot to try and get all the grandkids together once I get this baby out of the belly.
The creek was totally dried up, but the kids still like the rocks.
This is how I entertain Sam in the car. Coupons and newspaper flyers. She studies them for almost an hour. Intensely. Wonder what she is thinking?
Dave took the kids to the minor league (except it's not minor league, it's business league or something crazy like that?) baseball game on Wednesday without me. (I just cannot sit on the bleachers for more than 20 minutes right now. My pelvis is aching with the weight of TBA.)
He even fixed Sam's hair before they left.
And here's what it looks like a few hours in! LOLOLOL (He really had done a fine job, that girl is CRAZY and hates crap in her hair.)
Jack tried waiting patiently to get a ball from the players, but he never got one. :-( Clearly Sam thought they were interesting too.

School starts on Wednesday and our to do list is winding down. I think the only thing I didn't manage to squeeze in was bowling.

Jack is really hoping to see the meteor showers tonight, so there might be a middle of the night wake up in our future!


  1. Sammi is trying to figure out why all the new toys are made out of plastic? Trust me it takes hours to figure out why they have screwed them up. We are hoping to catch a peek at the meteor show too. Hang in there kiddo not much time left. Mothers, can't live with them couldn't live without them...smiles..Renee

  2. Darling pictures of the kiddos. Love Sammi's pigtails. I can't believe how quickly summer has flown by.


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