Thursday, August 23, 2012

The only DIY I can manage right now

A month or so ago I decided I was completely sick of the shoes being all over the front hallway. We had been using a smallish basket, but it just didn't fit our shoes anymore.

I had an old dresser in the basement and I was going to have Dave take out the drawers and put in shelves to hold shoes.
It was dark and beat up.
And I don't have a great before picture.

But it was too imposing in the hallway.

So I made Dave move all the living room furniture around and when it landed here I loved it.
Some white spray paint.
Some old shelf paper glued to the front of the drawers and now it is lovely.

And holding all my books and magazines and keeping them safely away from Sam.

I think it needs yellow knobs though.
As far as the shoe problem, I stuck some (not even bothered to paint them yet) legs on this bookshelf that I have been carting around since I was 18 and stuck it in the foyer. It's a little close to the coats on the rack, but it does a much better job of holding loads of shoes. (If we moved the shoe rack any higher no one would be able to hang up their coats other than Dave.)

And it's the only DIY I can manage right now. I am getting sloooooowwwwwer and sloooower with every passing day.

I can't even bring myself to cut out four triangles so I can finish piecing TBA's quilt top.

The joys of pregnancy when you are an old lady. :-)


  1. You did GOOD! this shows that you may be slow moving but you think of good solutions!
    Thanks for sharing~take care!

  2. Great ideas! We use an old metal firewood bin and it's always overflowing...
    The dresser is cute. Good job! That's way more productive than I've been lately and I have no pregnancy to blame it on. Just lazy.

  3. That dresser is so pretty! Yes on the yellow knobs. Shoes make me crazy. Wait til Sammi's 18 and needs to wear six different pairs every day. None of which end up in her room.


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