Thursday, August 09, 2012


Well then. My phone started ringing at about 8 30 last night as people realized what I was doing on facebook. Unfriending herds of people apparently starts a bit of an elephant rampage.

I still swear this is not personal.

I did not unfriend my best girlfriend to hurt anyone's feelings. I want her and I to talk on the phone, or text each other or meet for lunch, not know what's happening with each other on facebook.

I did not unfriend my brother to freak him out. It's the same as above - we can talk on the phone! We can see each other!

And truthfully I am trying to force myself BACK to this blog. It's easy to put things on facebook. Too easy. And then it is lost forever. I love coming back here to see what Jack was doing at Sammi's current age. But everything about Sammi right now is going on facebook and I won't have the joy of coming here to look back on it 8 years from now.

Likewise, I feel like there is no motivation for anyone else to visit the blog if they can just read it all on facebook.

So, I stand by that decision. We will see if it pays off I suppose.

So, in the spirit of that here's what the kids are up to. Sam LOVES pretending. (Already? Jack was not this kind of kid so I have no frame of reference.) She puts on her cowboy hat and I yell YEE-HAW and she bounces up and down like she is riding a horse.

She also likes to crawl around in circles in the living room MEOWING loudly and playing like she is her most favorite thing in the world - a "kiddyca", kitty cat.
And Chuck E Cheese? That kid LOVED chuck e cheese.
Especially this little carousel. She wanted to ride it again and again and again and again.
She surprises me with how darn brave she is! She has no need to cling to mommy in big, loud, noisy new places. (Now at home? She lately.)

And the swimming pool! Ours has a small slide and she loves that too. Even though kids Jack's age are going up and down it, she hauls her little self out of the pool, climbs that big ladder and goes down that thing again and again.

She hates when I get tired of catching her and make her stop. LOL

Both kids are enjoying the olympics. No surprise Sam loves the water sports. Jack will watch anything - volleyball, running, bikes. I have been letting them keep the television on most of the day (which I never do).

Jack is just a few days from starting second grade. Because of the heat he has been doing all the fun stuff with just dad - boy scout camp out, Cardinals game, trip to six flags. It took a full 6 weeks for him to mellow out after school got out and I am starting to panic a little that when school starts again next week we will back to the, well, whatever it is that happens to him when he goes to school all day.302.

The only other thing I've got is that in the tub a few days ago I started doing some math for the *fun* of it. With all the infertility problems and the pregnancies with Sam and TBA I have been pregnant for 91 of the last 176 weeks. (With at least 6 weeks to go still.)

No wonder I am exhausted and feeling totally over this! LOL

Alright, time for laundry and diapers. There is a minor league baseball game to attend today and a park visit tomorrow if the heat breaks as promised.


  1. Good for you, Girl! I don't have facebook & have always wondered about anyone who has 898 "friends"- most of which they've never actually met. I 'm not sure those even qualify as aquaintances for me. I've always said anyone I don't at least speak with on the phone ( let alone get together with) often enough to know what's happening in their life isn't some one I need to "follow" on facebook. It also helps keep my personal views & details- well- personal.

  2. You could always quietly delete your account or just not check it.
    Having just spent the better part of the last week completely unplugged, I'm feeling that urge to leave it off for the time being....

  3. Oh I feel left out because I didn't call or get unfriended...not...yeehaw! Cheeks...smiles..Renee

  4. Love your blog! Talking or meeting for lunch is so much better.


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