Friday, September 07, 2012

Because I have nothing better to do.

Because I am wasting the days watching HGTV, I decided we should all petition HGTV to cut it out with the house hunters. We do not need 24-7 House Hunters, right?

Emailing falls on deaf ears, maybe this won't?

(Not sure their widget is going to work, direct link below)



  1. I wish they would bring back the good old shows that had real people and real budgets. Room by room, decorating cents, Kitty barthalamew(sp?), Country Style, and even Carol Duval(ya, way too many old lady crafts, but at least it was something different to watch). Funny, I don't watch HGTV anymore unless there is absolutely NOTHING on and then I will watch House Hunters International(just so I can see what other countries look like!).

  2. Here here. I hate watching all those stupid house love it leave it crap shows. Good call. Smiles...Renee

  3. Hey! Thanks for putting up the link for HGTV. I am SO tired of the all the same real estate shows...I have pretty much given up watching at all! Same goes for DIY...the whole series of "______ Crashers" and Renovation Realities? How many times can you watch basically the same show, just with different home owners? Thanks again *e*

  4. I totally agree. Share that sucker on their FB wall.


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