Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear baby,

Here we are likely less than two weeks before you make your big arrival.

Since the house is finally quiet today, I thought I would take a minute to write you a little note. I can tell already that as the third child some of the things that I have managed to do with Jack or Sam are going to end up falling by the wayside.

It's all still feeling a little bit surreal to me. I mean *we* are actually going to have a third baby!

Many, many years ago your Daddy and I met on the internet. He lived in Phoenix, me here in the 'Lou. We used to spend many hours just talking about everything, including what we thought our family would look like in the future.

That picture was always one with three little people in it.

We hit a few really scary bumps in the road which made it seem like that would never happen.

And yet, I never, ever let go of that dream. I held on to it very tightly. I stiffened my lip, I tightened my grip and I repeated every day the infamous words of Big Terry, "I am meaner*, and you are a wiener."

And here we are.

I am excited to meet you. To see if you look like your brother and sister. To start watching for little red hairs. To find out which personality you will be bringing to our family. (I had a little dream the other night and in it you were so very calm and laid back.) To watch your brother and sister fall in love with you. To snuggle those already chubby little cheeks and watch you learn to smile and laugh and dance and sing and play.

And yet, as always, a little bit nervous too. Can I juggle it all? Will the other little people be okay with all the changes?

It's been a wild ride here near the end. But I have not forgotten that you are the child I prayed for.

The child we love already.

It is my greatest wish that all of our children know that we brought them into our family with love and thought and joy. That we planned for you, and prepared for you, long before you were ever even a twinkle in our eyes. And that while we are all still a work in progress, we will always find a way to make it work.

I just know you are going to be a fantastic addition to our little herd.

Until I am able to nibble all your fingers and toes,

*Yesterday your brother was moaning about how mean your father is. Your father replied with "If you think I am mean, try being married to your mother." Which sounds horrible, but oh man it made me laugh. Not everyone can appreciate my take no prisoners attitude like your father can, but never underestimate the power and importance of that kind of attitude sometimes. Never mind that though, I am pretty sure each of you kids has been born with it in you already. ;-)


  1. What a beautiful post.

  2. What a lovely note. I hope you all are feeling better. Can I add that we can't wait to meet the baby too? :-)


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