Monday, November 05, 2012

A pet peeve list, by Jack

I have about 12 seconds of semi quiet since Sammi (who is sick, I think with croup AGAIN), is REFUSING to nap again today and Grant has long decided that he must eat all day, but I wanted to get this list that Jack brought home from school here on the blog before it gets lost forever in the paper shuffle.

He was asked to write a list of 20 pet peeves in his gifted class and this is what his says:
(I think he was confused about the directions here in the beginning.)
1. Something to write whatever you tell it to
2. Something to clean the house
3. I hate mean people
4. I want something that will thin(?) of a recess
5. I don't like playing soccer or basketball because it makes my stomach hurt. (He complains he has to throw up when he runs. I really need to ask the ped about that, but I keep forgetting.)
6. I don't like posion (si) ivy
7. I don't like mosqeitos (si)
8. I don't like getting hurt
9. Long lines
10. I don't like minecraft bugs
11. I don't like being bored
12. I don't like being sick
13. I don't like bad books
14. I don't like hand sharpening pencils
15. I don't like hard things
16. I don't like mean insects
17. I don't like getting in trouble
18. I don't like bad food
19. I don't like bad clothes
20. I don't like scratchy blankets

It was an interesting insight into the kid who doesn't like to discuss feelings.

Speaking of Jack, he has been doing a pretty good job of just eating his dinner. Sure, there is complaining, but he eats it.  He came home from school on Friday after I had just REALLY burned dinner and said, "Oh god, WHAT ARE EATING FOR DINNER NOW?"  To which I replied, "not that, I burned it up."  "Thank god, it smells horrible." Even thinking about it makes me laugh.

(For the record, I hate cooking. I only cook so we can live. It's just too hard to try and cook and juggle the kids and then everyone just complains no matter what I put on the table. Or worse, they waste it. I am using the crockpot a fair amount, which means it is at least less work, but no less misery.  And this week is going to be a USE IT UP week, since things are starting to expire in the pantry and the fridge.)

P.S. The kids have no school tomorrow for election day. I think this is weird, anyone else have this? I also think it ought to be a LOAD of fun standing in the freezing cold rain in a long ass line with all three kids and then trying to vote. Oh yea, fun times are ahead.


  1. My kids are out tomorrow too!

    Hang in there! My youngest two (I have four) are 11 months apart. It gets better, I promise!

  2. We always have election day off, since our schools are polling places.
    We also have the day before off. And we had two days off last week thanks to Sandy, with the Friday before that off for teacher work days.
    To sum it up, a 5 day weekend followed by a 3 day week followed by a 4 day weekend followed by another 3 day week.
    Next week is gonna be LOOOOOOOONNNNNG.

  3. Okay, for the record Jack is fabulous...sounds completely logical to me...his list. What a great conversation you must have regularly with him. Kids are off...why on earth? But I did tell my kids they needed to tell their teachers it was election night and their mother said they could not have homework....Ha! Smiles..Renee

  4. Anonymous10:38 PM

    I love that kid! He is so Sheldon Cooper!

  5. The kids have it off in York County Schools, Virginia, because it is a polling site. We worry about the safety of kids. However, the teachers work. Also, we have off Veterans' Day, no, I mean the kids have it off, we work. Good luck with voting, and I hope Sammi feels better!


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