Sunday, November 04, 2012

Flea Market Sundays

Yesterday Dave and I went out with just Grant and left the other two little people with Oma for a bit. (Which means when we came home we had a kid who hadn't napped and was over the edge and another just over the edge in general.) Anyway. I set out in search of a little junk therapy.
 I picked up a bunch of those old metal frames that I had to look everywhere for when I was redoing Sam's room. I have this dream that I will find enough of them to redo my living room collage wall with them next.  (Which means I need  30 of them.  Zoinks.)
 I also picked up this old (?) plastic deer that I am crazy madly in love with.
 I saw a garage sale ad on Friday for a sale that started on Friday at 3. I really wanted to go (she advertised all vintage and had a McCoy bowl I was hot to get my hands on). But then the kids were crazy and I burned dinner and I just plum forgot about it. When Saturday morning came she had added more pictures which included this doll house. So I went to the bank and drove over there only to find no garage sale. Back home again, reread the ad, see that she YELLS SHE WILL NOT OPEN THE DOOR UNTIL 8 (I was there at like 7 45), so back again I go. Grab up the dollhouse (the bowl was long gone), and ask how much. (People were seriously rushing in grabbing up tablecloths (!) and stuff.)


Faint dead in driveway. I kid, but I clutched it for dear life. (I am not even sure I cared that I lost out on the tablecloths.)
 I also bought a huge stack of postcards for a dollar. This is just a little part of them.
 They included this scary dude, LOL.

The rest of yesterdays stuff is kid stuff - coats, toys and much needed clothes for Grant. Who is already outgrowing 3-6 and moving right on to 6-12 month stuff (and not even 6 weeks old).

Honestly, I have some of Jack's stuff (I got rid of a bunch in a fit of infertility madness), and I had bought him some stuff (not a lot though, he was born at the same time of year as Jack so I didn't think I would need a lot), but holy smokes, I CANNOT thrift this fast baby! Thrifting kids clothes is a slow process. He needs new clothes about every 7 days. Oy.
And the last of the *good* junk - this morning at the flea I only bought these two tiny old wreaths.  They are only 3 or 4 inches.

P.S. I know there are plenty of you who are out there saying who cares if Sammi will not leave her clothes on. But right this very minute she is driving me insane with this clothes thing. She has taken off her stupid pants (AGAIN) and SCREAMING because she wants them back on. Then she will take them off again. And again. And again. Until I want to kill myself. Even Jackson says "really Sam? Again?" Also, I am in NO way going to potty train her right now and she pees on the floor or gets poop all over everything without her damn pants on. This clothing thing is INFURIATING.


  1. Duct tape? No~not really. Just a little levity.
    Great finds! Glad you could get out. Hugs!

  2. OK ...I give up and give thanks that I am no longer !! the parent of ANYONE under 35 !!

  3. Its a tactile thing. My daughter did this. Any tags or seams would put her over the edge and still do at nearly 12. Check to see if it something about the garment. You never know. By the way that is the most gorgeous reindeer I have ever seen...Wow...Renee

  4. Anonymous10:11 PM

    $1? I would have totally fainted at that price.
    I have drawers full of baby clothes in all sizes but most of them are seasonally appropriate AS LONG AS the baby fits them at exactly the age stated on the label. If I get a tall or fat baby I am screwed. Thank goodness I have had so long to thrift so much! I hope Grant slows down a little soon!

  5. We need to find Sammi a onesie type thing that fastens (zips?) in the back like a wetsuit. She could pull her pants off, but diaper would be locked under the onesie-type thing. I feel a google search coming on!

  6. We need to find Sammi a onesie type thing that fastens (zips?) in the back like a wetsuit. She could pull her pants off, but diaper would be locked under the onesie-type thing. I feel a google search coming on!

  7. Sarah,
    Can Sammi undo suspenders? Or will that make her more frustrated? Or have you already tried them? It would drive me insane too!

  8. Been there with the girl child wanting to be naked all the time. Lucky for us it hit during the summer and we have a pretty secluded backyard so she could run around the yard naked and play in her "pool". Also thankfully she was potty trained. Good luck and it will pass, not before you go bonkers but eventually. ;0

  9. The deer...oh dear that is cute!


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