Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween crafting with the kids

I am running like a crazy person trying to get my house cleaned up a little (god the kids leave so much food everywhere I now have ants!) and trying to take down the Halloween stuff. As I was packing it up I thought I might want to see what the kids and I made this year at some point in the future, so I have snapped super duper quick photos in between Grant crying for more food and Sam stripping her clothes off 14 times (and then getting in a poopy diaper). Have I mentioned the cats (all bloody four of them) have fleas again? Argh.
 Jack and I made necklaces for Sam. Except then Jack and Sam got into a big argument over this one (in the middle of goodwill) and ruined the elastic and the charms went flying off. I think one is next to the washer. LOL Jack (even at 8) found the elastic frustrating. If I were doing it again I would use string or yarn.
 When they weren't fighting in Goodwill I spotted this foam haunted house kit and Jack put it together. That kid LOVES using the hot glue now. LOL I actually quite like how this thing turned out and I hope it stands the test of time.
 Sam and I made sticker art. Sticker art = things mommy can do with Sammi while nursing the baby.
 Sammi colored her very first picture. (I have tried giving her crayons before but she just now gets what they are for. Of course she also colored all over my table while I was juggling kids, but oh well.)
 Jack made a felt banner (kit from oriental trading). Horrible picture of it.
And at school Jack made the toilet paper tube owls from Family Fun magazine. This thing is SO darn cute!

*The dentist office has just called to reschedule my appt and the very sweet girl who answers the phone just asked when we were having baby number four. BWHAHAHAHA! Given everything going on with me right now and how the kids are like super duper hard to juggle right now that gave me a damn good laugh.


  1. is it important that Sam wear clothes in the house? If not... stop making an issue of it and maybe she'll stop taking them off. Maybe it's become a game with her.... she takes them off and you react!
    Worth a try?

  2. All the craft things are cute but I love the owl. I hope you are going to save a few of them for later - like me, when you are a Grandma!

    I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hoping your second Dr is right and you will heal. I'm just sorry it's taking you a lot longer this time.


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