Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I was recently provided the opportunity to review Jooners , an online sign up sheet designed to streamline social event planning. I received a premium membership and courtesy swag but the opinions in this review are 100% mine.

I decided to use Jooners to set up the sign up sheet for the 2013 Heart to Heart to swap.

Yes, it is really early to start to thinking about that swap, but it is usually such a hassle to get us all organized. I have to make lists of those of you who want to sign up, set up separate email groups so I can email you all at once, make another list of those of you who have confirmed you will participate and so on.

Jooners was actually very easy to use. I told them what I wanted to, then I just put in a few details about our swap and they created a list for all of you to sign up on. It should significantly stream line the amount of coordinating and chasing I have to do.

 The hardest part to figure out was what to put in the first column of the sign up sheet since it seemed like that is where YOUR name should go, in the end I went with Swapper 1 and 2 and so on. Looking at the example page helped me figure out what was supposed to be going in what box. I hope that works out okay and you are still able to sign up appropriately.

For me the best part is that they will notify me when you sign up!

And I am hopeful that this will make it easier to contact the group as a whole. It certainly is easy to share the link to the sign up sheet, whether you choose facebook or twitter or email they do all the linking for you.

They have given me the chance to give away two premium memberships valued at $49.95 each to two blog readers. The basic membership is completely FREE so all of you can use it whether you are the give away winner or not. (They get bonus points from me for having a very easy sign up sheet. I am really tired of signing up for things that require 20 minutes to complete the sign up process on line.)

 All you will need to do is leave a comment on this post. If you are chosen once you have set up a membership there you need to provide me the email address you used so I can forward it to the contact at Jooners to get you upgraded to the premium membership.

I can think of a lot of uses for a program like this for many of you. If you are a room mother at school it would make it a lot easier to coordinate who is donating what for the parties. (Jack's last party was super confusing trying to get everything sorted out.) You could use it for church, book clubs, mother's groups, etc.

If you want to sign up for the 2013 Heart to Heart swap use this link (which I cannot figure out how to make pretty thanks to the new blogger interface).

And please let me know if it is hard to use for you or if you are unable to sign up for any reason.  I am not 100% sure you will be able to see when all the slots are full? (It seems like you are able to see how many spots are remaining.)

What are you waiting for? Sign up to swap and comment here to win your own membership.  :-)

*This is a paid advertisement. I do, on occasion, use the blog to earn things we can use. I get at least one offer a week, and since you very rarely see these kinds of posts, you can be sure I only chose ones that are useful.

** Swap details : You make 14 valentines and mail them to me by Feb 1. I will then mail you back a box filled with one valentine from each of the other 14 swappers, so you receive 14 different valentines in return. You will also be asked to contribute a small amount towards return postage, this averages $5, but I need to check the rate on the flat rate boxes for the coming year. There are no real regulations on what you make - create with what you enjoy, just remember it has to fit in a box with 14 other valentines. (I have been using the medium flat rate boxes). You can search heart to heart here on the blog to see what others have made in previous years. Once all the slots are full I will send a confirmation email, but Jooners has made it a lot easier to see that you are indeed in the swap!  As always, I look forward to what you will make!


  1. I signed up for my first swap without problem. I can now see that Swapper 1 is "taken" and how many spots are still available. Now, what to make...

  2. Well that was easy!!!!!!!!


  3. I'll give it a try.

  4. Sounds like fun, Sarah, I'm in! and it wasn't hard at all to sign up - thank you for doing this.


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