Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kid overload

I know mall portraits are so passe, but I still do them with the kids.
 Grant at 6 weeks. They wanted him curled up in fetal position and as I learned during that pumpkin insanity - this baby just doesn't do that.
 He is SO VERY redheaded!
 This past weekend we did all three kids together. I made Dave go with me (I usually do this stuff by myself during the week.) I was TERRIFIED about trying to get Sam to cooperate!  But she was actually okay. I think it helped that she had just watched Jack get his pictures done a month before and then Grant a week before.
 She did CHEESE! okay for the first two or three and then she was all over the place.
But that's okay, it only takes one shot.

And I did manage to find coordinating outfits, thanks to that Gymboree addiction.

Sam is having a HUGE language spurt. She went from barely saying three words to saying nearly a 100 words. And 2 and 3 word sentences. Among those are "darn it!" which is funny.

I ordered her some gymboree fish stuff from Ebay and what do you know? This morning she got dressed without arguing.  Yesterday we tried on no fewer than 7 shirts before settling on something with dogs on it. (I tried alligators and birds and frogs and who knows what else to no avail.) I tried a craigslist ad to see if I could turn up anymore of that fish stuff and no luck. It's not that easy to find fish clothes in November Sammi girl!

This is right about the age where it started to be obvious that Jack was super smart. I am curious to see what happens with her in the next few months. (Not that it matters if she is like Jack or not, but simply because as a teacher and a biologist I find this child development thing sort of fascinating.)

*And a note on those curtains. I remember buying them before I was even pregnant with Jack. And I can remember (oddly) exactly how much I paid for them in the antique mall. I will admit that it is a little strange to look at them  - they sort of scream "oh how naive I was then" to me now. It never, ever occurred to me at that point that I wouldn't be able to have exactly as many kids as I wanted to have when I wanted to have them. Obviously that's all different now. Even with a good outcome.  Ugh.


  1. I don't know Sam, of course, but I wonder if you sewed her a little fish that she could safety pin on her clothes each day. Maybe that would make her happy? Or at least not be nekkid? I don't know how many kids you dreamed of having, but I'd say you have a pretty great group of three there.

  2. We went through a phase where my girl would only wear orange socks. Of course it became near impossible to find them.

    What Shara said about a fish pin. Maybe make a few so that she has some to choose from?

  3. You have the most adorable children - I love the picture where Jack is holding Grant and you can see Sammi's pigtails. Give them a squeeze for me!

  4. I love the pictures - they are great!

  5. Those pictures are adorable. Grant looks to be the perfect combination of both Sam & Jack!

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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