Friday, November 09, 2012

On the occasion of my 1,500th post, I would like to thank...

On the occasion of my 1,500th post here on Makin' Projiks, I would like to take a moment to thank:
 My husband.  Oh sure, we are spending plenty of time bitching at each other right now (we always do when there is a new baby in the house), but he takes care of his children without complaint, without ever making it seem like it should be only MY job and usually often enough that I have some time in the evenings to make things, and do things other than take care of the kids. (Not so much right now, but the baby is just not big enough yet.)  Without that time to myself, there would be NO Makin' anything around here.
 Jack, who despite being a super challenging kid some times, has almost always been cooperative when I wanted to sew instead of play trains or when I wanted us to make something together. And who never tore up my things like his little sister seems to do! LOL Without him being such a good kid there would have never been pretty pictures of house things and Christmas trees and so forth to show you.
 Samantha, who is now and ever shall be my miracle child. Without her I would never have learned to really and truly reach for what I wanted. She showed me how to share my heart here.
 Grant, my big surprise! gee that was easy baby.  He is teaching me how to juggle (oh  how I am juggling), and that never fails to remind me how important Makin' Things really is to this mama. Soon I hope to restore that rhythm to my world.
 All three of them. Without them I would have never kept blogging here. I would have fallen off the train long ago. And that would be a sad, sad moment for me. It's easy to bitch and moan that no one appreciates blogging anymore - that facebooking and tweeting and pinning have made it a lost art. But you know what? Who bloody cares. When I need to know what Jack did when he was 20 months old, it's here on the blog. When I need to know what Sam wore to her 15 month photos, it's here on the blog. When I need to know what month we moved houses, or when my niece was born or anything really that has happened in my life, it's here on the blog. I have blogged it all - pretty things, ugly things, happy things, sad things, made things, found things, 2 houses, countless mini vans, infertility, recovery, child development, parental insanity, faith, friendship, the state of the world, the state of my heart - it is all here on Makin' Projiks. 

That's an achievement.
 And a blessing really.
 And last but not least, all of you.  Many of you have been visiting here for many years. Many of you have become friends beyond this little place on the internet.  Many of you have propped us when the going was tough, applauded us when the going was easy, gifted us when the time was appropriate and just all around continued to come here even when blogging wasn't cool anymore.
 There was a time when I cared about how many people were coming here and I tried really hard to grow my blog into something bigger. And then there was this time, now, when I realized that I would blog even if no one was here. I would keep finding things and making things and recording the children because it's important to me.
But I still appreciate you being here with us all the same.

So, here's to 1,500 posts behind me and 1,500 more ahead of me.

(I took the Christmas card photos this morning because it's 70 degrees today. Tell me some of these don't make you laugh out loud? I really want to use the funny one (third down) for the cards. I LOVE the chalkboard idea, but I need a big chalkboard outside where there is better light. I think that might be next year's card. Also by the time we got to that prop I was TOTALLY over trying to wrangle Samantha. Honestly that girl child is CRAZY town right now. You'll notice her "baby" is in every photo. And her sparkly shoes. And her naked issue? TOTALLY all about her wearing what SHE wants to wear. Yea, it took me a few days to sort it out but it's obvious now. That's fun since she wants to wear boy pajamas all day. So much for those sweet dresses!)

(Also, I REALLY did open the heart to heart sign ups if you didn't sign up yet. Follow that Jooners link. And sign up for that give away! That Jooners thing is actually quite easy and useful. Pinky swear.)


  1. Happy blogging!!

    Mine fought us from day one one what she was wearing. In preschool, another mom asked how I handled the 'problem' of her wanting to dress herself - as I looked at my mismatched rainbow colored gal bopping along, I replied, "It's definitely not a problem at our house. If you think I put that together, I want what you have in the morning."

    I think they all turned out sweet. And funny. Why not a collage of photos for this year's card?

  2. Wonderful pictures... oh how they are growing! I DO enjoying watching and reading.... BTW, when you think you've figured Sam out and can relax she'll think of something else. LOL ! My Mother called my youngest "divine retribution" ( guess that gives you an idea what I was like! ) and now I get to say it to her about her daughter... luckily we all survive!

  3. BTW... duct tape was a joke LOL

  4. We must have a mind link because I just read this and my post later today is almost the exact same thing! Crazy. I am so glad you still blog and that I get to go on this wild and crazy and wonderful journey with you. XO J

  5. Looking forward to 1,500 more posts with pictures this cute. (I love that funny picture of Sam!)

  6. Anonymous4:30 PM

    What a beautiful bunch you have! You (and Dave) are truly blessed.

  7. Love the photos of the kids and I enjoy watching that little trio grow up. If I ever decide to wear pigtails...I hope they are as cute as Sam's!
    Congrats on the BIG 1500!

  8. Fantastic photo round. I adore the third one down. Man she wants to wear what she wants to wear already...I had at least three years. So glad you have a chance to post...I love knowing your family..smiles..Renee

  9. Darling photos. You are one smart momma to take advantage of the warm weather and get those Christmas photos NOW! Happy Blogging!

  10. I pretty much pop over here every day just to see if there's an update. I'm glad you're gonna keep writing - I love your blog :-)

  11. I agree, I love my dose of Sarah and family! You have a "real" blog, meaning it shows life as it is, not fantasy. It inspires us because it is so real and fun to see the new adventures of Sarah, Dave, Jack, Sammi, and Grant. As for Sammi and the clothes, kudos to that kid! She knows what she wants, and she wants it to be soft and

  12. Love the your blog.

  13. Love the your blog.


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