Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two months old and other things

 Grant turned two months old this week.  At his 8 week check up he was:
14 lbs 1 oz
25 inches long
head 16 1/4 inches
putting him back around the 95th percentile instead of off the charts. (Yea!  Those numbers aren't the end all and be all, but I would feel better if he slowed down just a little on the growing thing so there was no endocrine worry.)  He also is showing much better muscle tone. (double yea! for that).

He  now:
watches the kids
is fascinated by the tv (ahem)
kicks his legs and moves his arms to make his bouncy chair rock and sing
sleeps all night
is on reflux meds (hello kid number three with gut problems, I am convinced I just am not giving them good gut flora in utero)
is still the sweetest boy

On Thanksgiving my dad says to me, "so, about your kids.." "Yes?" "Haven't you noticed that they are all clones?" LOL And then at the ped this week the ped says, "You know, I cannot believe how much they all look alike! Each one looks *just* like the other ones." "Yea, I have heard that before." LOL
 Junebug is closing in on two. And holy macaroni is the girl opinionated.  Right now we must wear pajamas ALL BLOODY DAY LONG. And the same pair of pajamas for three days in a row. The thrift gods smiled on me yesterday and sent me a "shhhhhhhhhh space!" shirt which is actually a DAYTIME shirt. She wore it for 3 whole hours before asking for the pajamas again.

If you happen to the proud owner of anything choo choo, fish or shhhhhhhhhh space related in a size 2, I AM your buyer. For real. (Just shoot me an email. I am already buying it on ebay, might as well buy it from people I know too. LOL)Yes, that means boy clothing (there are some girly fish things, thank goodness). Her wardrobe demands are exhausting.
 Selfishly it makes me want to moan. I waited a long time for a little girl, I now have two boys, and I STILL don't get to enjoy the pretty little girl things. Stupid? Yes. But come on!  We live in a damn pink girly palace for goodness sake. I had such high hopes...

We have spent a lot of time at home this week. (Everyone in town is desperately sick with this damn coughing thing, which we cannot get rid of either. And every day there is a fistful of letters from the school nurse with "we have a confirmed case of x,y,z in your classroom. It makes me want to hide out at home.)  But Sam started asking to go bye bye yesterday, so I promised her we would go out today.  Off to the Goodwill we went. I swear I thrift nothing but clothes and books for the kids right now (which is good too, as Grant is outgrowing everything so fast and I need the thrift gods to be generous with that stuff).  BUT I did find four pottery barn teen pillow cases this morning.

I could use them as pillow cases, but wouldn't they make the sweetest quilt?

You know, for my non girly girl. Who only wants trains and fish and rockets. Not pink polka dots.



  1. I don't have any other way to reach you, but when I saw this sale I thought of you! You like Robeez, right?

  2. applique some Junebug approved things on the pillowcases-she' love them.

  3. We went through that with Marjorie and now at almost 5 it is all dresses all the dang time! So wait, it will come. I would give anything for her to keep a pair of jeans on for more then one hour. I have to tell her that it is a "work day" on Saturday and Sunday so that she might not fight me about putting them on. ;) The opinionated thing only gets worse, if Sam is anything like Marj. ;) Can't help you there unless you want to swap girls for a week.

  4. Um...Claire spent the better part of two and three digging in dirt and riding Tonka trucks...nearly did me in. She was not and is not the girly girl her mother be it...smiles...Renee

    What? those kids look alike...really? Kidding

  5. I like kigwit's idea.

    also, they are SUCH clones. i have a neighbor with three boys who are seriously identical, they just always use the same mold, they say! ;)


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