Thursday, November 01, 2012

Welcome to November

Man last night was long. It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be to juggle the baby and the kids at the door.  And then I was up half the damn night worrying about this and that.
I actually am relieved to see November on the calendar.  I gave up on feeling better by Halloween and now I am just hoping to feel better by Christmas. So I am not actually too bothered to see Toys for Tots on the news this morning or to have Jack counting the days until Christmas already.  Besides, I celebrated Halloween by ordering the kids matching Christmas pajamas yesterday. LOL
Onto Halloween for one last day:
 Jack ended up being some sort of minecraft video game enderman thingy this year. (I don't even have the first clue how to spell any of that.)  When I was pregnant I tried to get him to choose a costume because I knew I would have to get it done before Grant was here, and he wouldn't choose, so Dave chose for him. And then Dave put it together.
 Here it is in the light of the house. At least some of the neighborhood kids knew it was.

 And Samantha June, the little stinker, was a strawberry this year. When she saw me holding this costume and asking her to put it on she yelled out NO! and then ran away. LOL
I spent the whole day yesterday telling her that she had to wear it to get candy. And then we practiced holding her bag and saying BOO! or her mumbled little version of trick or treat. (Which sounds something like tr or trt.)
Once she realized they were giving her candy though, there was no stopping her. Dave tried to bring her home at 7 30 and when she realized that Jack was going back out she bolted out the door and went right back out there.

I expect at some point today she is going to realize I have hidden all the candy. LOL

I am off for an exciting day full of poopy diapers and that GYN appointment. Hopefully I can manage to suck it up enough to 1) not die from anxiety and 2) deal with this issue without freaking out even more.   Maybe I should see if I can find our Polar Express DVD, it might at least help pass the day...

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  1. Cutest strawberry ever, and Jack was appropriately ... whatever he is! He seems happy! Good luck with the dr. app't. - thinking about you.


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