Sunday, December 02, 2012

Flea market Sundays

Before I blather on about the flea market, let's talk about the kids.  On Thanksgiving weekend they had fevers with no other symptoms really. Jack had a stuffy nose for ONE day and he has a very, very mild cough occasionally. But they slept all weekend. And all week Jack has been complaining of exhaustion.  Yesterday he took a nap again and was dead asleep at 7 pm. He slept until 7 am. Plus he has not been eating. I was starting to REALLY worry by yesterday afternoon. (Depression? Mono? Anemia? Influenza? It didn't help that Sammi was crabby as hell all week.)  As the day has worn on he seems to be getting back to himself a bit more.  I am still not convinced something isn't wrong with him though.
But that is JUST in time for another problem - he possibly has a buckle fracture in his wrist from a fall off the damn swing. I sat in urgent care with him all morning. The doctor is unsure if the radiologist is going to call it a fracture or not. (The x-rays looked okay to me, but what do I know?)For now he is in a brace and I have to call tomorrow and see what radiology thinks. Then we will likely be referred to the ortho. Again. Wasn't it just yesterday that Sammi had the cast on her little baby leg?
Anyway. It has been 80 degrees here again. I am pretty sure we moved down south when I wasn't looking. So we took the kids to the flea this morning. (With Grant and Sam in the double stroller. And me sad about that. I prefer him in the Moby, but wearing him is exacerbating my, ahem, other issues, so I tried the stroller.)
 I guess the end of the season is quilt time, since this is what? my fourth quilt in three weeks or something? I wish this one looked as good close up as it does in this picture.  Because holy smokes it is an AWESOME pattern.

I am too ashamed to tell you what I paid for it. (A pittance.)
 The hexies are about the size of a quarter maybe. They are tiny.

 It is pretty worn though.
 And this is the second one that someone tried to finish at a later date, with poly batting and a cotton/poly blend backing (in a bad hot pink). It hasn't been bound either. If it were in better shape I would take the nasty poly off of it. But it's all that's holding it together at this point.
 This one is the *real deal*, old through and through. But not much older than the 50's based on the fabrics. The outside is actually pink. (And what a pity about that big hole huh?)
 The border might be my favorite part.
And a close up of the baskets.
On a side note, I discovered that the quilt I bought last week was REEKING of moth balls. I hate moth balls. They are so YUCK and the smell is so darn hard to get rid of. It could take a week of sunning to get it to smell better. And why? Most moths are not looking for cotton. Argh.


  1. Amazing as ever...Hot as the desert here too...I hate this. Where on earth is my snow. Hope you are all better soon..smiles..Renee

    You know in time for Christmas break..just like it was planned.

  2. I have been wondering how your ahem issues have been healing up.

    That first quilt is amazing. But why oh why did/do people ruin them by backing them with polyester? :( What a shame its not in good condition.

    Old people ADORE moth balls. My gran sent me some baby knits with one tucked inside, I nearly gagged when I accidentally touched it. No matter how many nice herbal sachets I use I can't get rid of that smell either.

  3. I have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL crazy patchwork quilt my husband's grandmother made that is backed with polyester. In her defense, the front of the quilt is a good number of her husband's former ties and the quilt is such a work of art, I do see where she was coming from artistically.

  4. You've been doing great on the quilt front! I see nothing that a little creative folding won't take care of. On the kid front: I miss the younger days. I do not miss the fact that I was at an orthopedist's office or physical therapy every week.

  5. My quilt jealousy continues, as always. Bethany is currently sleeping under two awesome quilts, though, so perhaps I should just be grateful for what I have?

    And I think the mothball thing is generational. It took me a sweet forever to convince my own mother (who was born in 1946, not 1846) that mothballs were terrible. I've convinced her to move to cedar balls or little herbal packets, which still stink, but are nowhere near as awful.

    Hope the kiddos are back to normal...


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