Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Internal debates

About 2 weeks ago Grant's swing stopped working.  At first I was like OH HELL NO! Because he sleeps in that swing pretty much all the time. Not to mention that I bought that swing was Sam was born and she never really used it. It should NOT have stopped working already.  (I specifically sought out a more expensive swing because Jack was only able to sleep in the swing until he was 8 months old. All the time.)
But he kept sleeping through the night, so I just sort of ignored the fact that his daytime sleep was rapidly disintegrating. I mean, hey, I sleep at night, that's all that matters right? I mean I casually looked at Craigslist, but nothing was cheaper than just buying a new motor for my existing swing.
Um. No. By Friday he stopped napping at all. It was okay on the weekend because Dave was an extra pair of hands. By 4 pm yesterday I was desperate and about to cry. My feet were killing me, I had hardly been able to take care of Sam all day and he would NOT sleep unless I was holding him. (I don't mind rocking the kids TO sleep, but holding the whole time is just so not in the cards for me. I need that time alone!)
And  I can't wear him in the Moby like I did with the other two because of my own birth injury problems, so I set to Craigslist to find us a new swing NOW.  As in three hours ago NOW.
I emailed every stinking person on Craigslist with a swing that would hold the giant baby. I called everyone. I finally found someone who said I could come get it last night. We drove 40 minutes to get to their house only to discover we had the wrong address in the email. Because we didn't have the cell phone with us (or a phone number to call) and we don't have internet access unless we go to a free wifi place it turned into a 2 hour ordeal.  A very frustrating situation when the kids were hungry and tired and I was getting seriously upset.
Hours later we did end up with a swing (from a totally different person), but I swear it was like trying to find an inn to sleep in on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem. What a mess.
Hopefully with a working swing and an increase in his reflux meds Grant will decide he can go back to napping. I might have the only kid on earth who seems to be doing colic in reverse - okay for the first 12 weeks and then WHAM! crabby as hell for the next 12. LOL
So here is my other recent internal debate:
 I bought this quilt top. It is full of the most beautiful fabrics, but as a quilt top it is totally nothing special. And it has the big bad spot right there on the right which disintegrated when I very gently washed it.

I mean just look at those fabrics! And no two are alike.

I think the best fate is to take it apart and use the fabrics for other stuff.

But that nagging little voice says, well, if you just remove that bad part you will still have a good sized quilt and because it is such a simple non-pattern it would be very easy to finish. And then you could use it. Because it isn't a priceless old, fragile pattern you could throw it on Sammi's bed, or use it in the living room or whatever.

And then the other voice says, what a waste of beautiful fabric!

Damn internal debates, let's hope I make a better choice with this than I did with that swing.


  1. I would not hesitate at all to take the quilt top apart if you think you can put the fabric to better use. There are some really pretty fabrics!

  2. Pretty fabrics indeed.

    Good luck with the naps. Mine gave them up completely at 3 months. She slept like a champ through the night though, so the dr said she was good to go.

    And her swing gave me hours of time to myself, esp after she gave up that nap. Good to hear you got one.

  3. Send it to me! I'd take it apart, and use half the fabric to make a quilt for you, and the other half to make a donated quilt.

  4. gently take that quilt top apart! There are so many pieces - nice sizes! If you're really struggling with dismemberment, cut it smaller and make a lap sized quilt for the couch.


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