Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hapde Burfday Sammi Girl

My Dearest Sammi Girl,
Today you are two!
You are most certainly my little sunshine girl.
You never fail to completely charm anyone and everyone who meets you. 

At two you are:
*outgoing! You are not afraid to talk or smile or touch or engage anyone.
*dramatic. You are already doing the "he's looking at me!" thing.
*opinionated.  See outfit choices.
*using about a million words. You have gone from not even saying mama to saying things like "uh oh! baby crying inside." 
*smart! You already are counting (backwards since that is what I am always doing with Jack) from five.
*empathetic, you don't like to see anyone crying.
*a great big sister. You are right there to "shhh shhh" Grant when he cries, cover him with a blanket, offer him a toy, suggest he needs a bottle or milk, and whisper when he goes "nigh nigh."
*in complete FREAKING love with Thomas. I think you already know more of the trains names than I do.
*Athletic.  And trying to ride a bike already.
*A big helper. You ask for a towel to clean up your messes, put your laundry in the hamper and throw away your trash.
*taking care of your "baby", bear. You carefully wrap him in his "din" when we go outside and tell me he needs a bottle or a diaper.
*completely and utterly amazing. I never could have imagined just how super fantastic you would be or how much joy and light you would bring to our family. Anyone not taking the opportunity to know you is REALLY missing out.

I love you so much I could just gobble you right up baby girl.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next year brings for you as you continue to grow into the person you will one day become.


(Although I am admittedly NOT looking forward to three, whoo boy, three is hard.)


  1. three may not be hard... she's such a person already. She's done all that establishing independence!!

  2. HaPpY Birfday Sammy!

  3. Happy Birthday, lil' Miss Sammy!! May you continue to bring lots of love and laughter to your family (and to us-your appreciative audience!)

  4. How can she possibly be 2 already! Such a beautiful baby girl! Gosh, time is flying right on by!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday, Sammi, Dear! She sounds like such a BIG personality in such a little body! What a sweet bundle of sunshine, I know she must bring so much JOY into your home!

  6. Birthday blessings to Sammy!

  7. Can't believe she's three already! Love hearing about all the things she can do. (Every kid is different, I know, but I would take three over two ANY day!) Happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday, Sammi!


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