Friday, January 25, 2013

Joann is worse than Target

WARNING: money sucking enabling ahead.
 This was Sammi's outfit of choice yesterday morning - purple flowers, Thomas print smock, and pink striped Thomas overalls. LOL
 I decorated the mantel for Valentine's Day, and I LOVE IT. All of my candy boxes + the flowery IKEA picture. So sweet.

But onto the point of the post, I swear to you Joann is a bigger money suck than Target right now. I WANT EVERYTHING when I go in there. They are FINALLY on the cute novelty print bandwagon. I have bought Grant's weight in fabric. Me, the vintage fabric hoarder, buying new fabric.

Unheard of.

Never do it.
 I RAN over there to buy these foxes. There was very little left and I wish I had bought it all.  (They are on a gray background.) When I went back today I looked for the rest but they were already gone. I would seriously like to redo the whole house in these foxes.
 Maybe dogs in wellies are more your speed?
 Or a pastel scallop?
 Sammi LOVES these mermaids, I am working on a new quilt with them. (They are disappearing fast too and I am trying to resist buying more of them to hoard.)
 How about gorgeous flowers?
 I die from Easter cuteness?
 Birds in kerchiefs?
 Very Japanese-esque cute bugs?
Sweet aqua tweety birds?

Lord have mercy on my fabric hoarding soul. I already want to go back and buy more and we just got home! LOL

Also, in Sarah is a dolt news, I did not realize I could get Mollie Makes and Gathered and other international craft magazines on my new, bought for myself for Christmas, iPad. D'OH.  I did buy myself some awesome quilt designing apps for it.

Dave and I will be wrestling over that thing now. Bwhahaha!

Happy Friday.

Try not to hoard all the fabric in Joann, okay?


  1. What fabulous fabric. It almost makes me wish I could sew!!!

  2. I don't even sew and I want to hoard that fabric! The mermaids are dreamy and I am crazy about the egg cups! And do you think I'm too old to wear a skirt made of the foxes? Wait, don't answer that. LOL

    Where in JoAnn's do they keep this stuff? Is it back with the quilting cottons?

  3. The bugs are insanely cute! I saw a FQ of the mermaids at Spotlight today (out version of Joanns) and was tempted but a FQ is not much use to me. There really are some seriously cut fabrics out right now.

  4. Great! Now I have to make the hour long trip to JoAnn's! Side note: It looks like Sammi's cloths stuff and improved. Am I right?

  5. I hate to add to your obsession but did you know Joanne will let you use multiple coupons in one order? Some weeks they have 5 or 6 50% off coupons in the paper and you can use them ALL as long as you 5 or 6 full price items. They also have online coupons too that you can use from your phone. I say buy more of that adorable fabric sweetness!!

  6. I haven't been to Joannes in so long partly because I was bored of the fabric. To think, I almost gave away my coupons!

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  8. you know i'm totally dying over the egg/chicken easter fabric....

  9. that comment ^^^^ was mine --ange

  10. I LOVE your collection of Valentine's candy boxes. It looks so great on your mantle.
    Also - thanks for the tips about the fabric. The dogs with the wellies and the birds in kerchiefs are my faves. I am definatley going to Joann for some.


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