Monday, January 07, 2013

Made it Monday - A baby quilt for Grant

Blogger has lost it's mind again, so sorry that everything is all over the place.

I FINALLY finished Grant's quilt. What an ordeal it was. In fact, every quilt* feels like an ordeal. I did end up using the aqua stripe above the buntings that most of you recommended. It feels wonky. And like the batting shrunk more than it usually does? But whatever. It's done.

I couldn't get a full photo because I am not going out in the cold, LOL.

Deciding on how to quilt it was no easy task either. I am not a big fan of modern all over quilting that takes away from the blocks. I used painters tape this time for the stripes in the white panels, and that method works pretty darn well.
Then I just outlined the flags.

I really think my dislike of it is just that I paid so darn much for the fabric. It set up an expectation of perfection.
Without knowing that I might like it a lot more.

Also, why haven't I taken more photos of my latest cutie patootie?
I thought for sure his 100th day was this week, but the math genius (Jack) informed me this morning that I missed it already.
Oops. Happy (late) 100th day Grant baby!

You sure do look sweet on your new quilt.

Even if it took me many months to finish because I was too pregnant to sit at the machine, then I had a new problem which keeps from sitting at the machine too long, and oh yea, now my fingers HURT REALLY BAD and I can't sew from that either.


I finished another project this weekend too (miracle.) And I started on my valentines after MUCH debate about what to make. (I threw away something important when I moved the sewing room the last time. I am happy I am finally in a place I won't have to move out of every 6 months. I can start hoarding again.)

Now I need to go change yet another diaper and start hunting for ONE button that Grant's baptism outfit is missing. Needle in a haystack there for sure.

*I had to wait an HOUR in line at Joann yesterday to get one yard of interfacing cut. (Total insanity.) When I was waiting I was talking to the sewing machine sales lady and I realized I have actually used my sewing machine a TON since we bought it from her. I really want to try and count how many quilts I have made.


  1. I think the quilt is gorgeous and in those pics Grant looks like a complete blend of Sam and Jack when he smiles - too cute x

  2. It's beautiful Sarah -- Great Job!

  3. Gorgeous quilt.
    I cannot stand Joann's. The service there is always crummy.

  4. The quilt is great! I am in awe of all that you do accomplish craft wise. I haven't done much at all and my blog is all but nonexistent. I fall asleep at 7 only to wake at 1 or 2 with insomnia. And I only have one kid!

    Grant is just so darling! He makes me want another!


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