Thursday, January 03, 2013

Portraits, Projiks and more

I took the kids to the mall yesterday for Grant's three month portrait. What was I thinking when I made that appointment? LOL
 I *think* he is starting to look different than the other two kids. Actually, a lot like Dave which is a first.
 And boy is he redheaded! With no sign of his eyes turning brown yet. (Sam's were brown by now).

I am debating another visit to the ped with this boy though, as he has stopped napping entirely and spends every evening crying inconsolably. (For about 2 weeks now.)  It's totally like he has colic, but he is already three months old. And on reflux meds. Weirdness.
 Our new year's eve was just about perfect. It snowed (finally). We had fancy grape juice (a cocktail party in Jack's words);
 I worked on Grant's baby quilt;
 Sammi covered herself in stickers and rode all around the house with Jack on their vroom vrooms (or mroom mroom as Sam calls it);
 and my little eskimos played outside. (First time for Sam in the snow I think.)
It was quiet (no fighting, praise God) and nice.

I have decided that not having winters here for the past year or so is really throwing me off. Winter is the time to sew! to stay home! to do nothing! but when it is 50 or 60 or 70 degrees every day there is more "pressure" to play outside and go to the park or the zoo and just generally do stuff.

It's early in the season still, but man I am hoping for a decent snow or 10.

Today everyone is back to work and school and selfishly I am glad. It's nice to get back to our routine.

I did buy a potty for Sammi, but she cares not one lick about it. (As I expected, she shows NO signs of toileting readiness and frankly I am not interested in training ME to clean up her messes or having to try and send her to toilet every 15 minutes. Call me lazy like that.) She has managed to keep her diaper on for a few sleeps by layering her in many layers of clothes. 

I think what Lisa said makes the most sense to me - she has learned a new skill and wants to practice! practice! practice!

Also, I read this very convincing article when Sammi was born and it has really stuck with me. I already had a lot of bladder issues before  my latest trauma and I am pretty keen on avoiding that for the kids. My parents SWEAR that I toilet trained myself by 2, and he mentions just that.


Time's up, Grant has decided he is done with that 12 minute nap.


  1. My daughter was almost 3 before she was potty trained; I didn't push the issue. What I did do was hang a desirable pair of Seseame Street panties over the potty chair. Oh boy, did she want those panties!!! (like someone we know who loves Thomas the Train) I hung them out of reach and just causually mentioned every time she whined about wanting them....."oh those are yours the day you are potty trained". Didn't happen right away, but one day she said "NO MORE DIAPERS!"-ripped her diaper off and never wore another one, even at nite! Just a story I thought I'd share. Creativity may be your answer! ;-)

  2. If she's just practicing dressing before falling asleep, pull-ups might help. Maybe she can't get the diaper back on and just skips it?

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Potty training when they aren't ready is just making a rod for your own back. Mama has enough on her plate at the moment I think!
    I think Grant has Daves forehead, he's definitely less Jack-like than he was.


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