Sunday, February 10, 2013

A thomas party for junebug

Finally a second birthday party for Sammi girl.

 I did what I never do - went to the party store online, bought a bunch of character themed premade stuff, stuck it up in my house, sent out a premade invite and just let the kids do whatever they please.
 Cupcakes from a box even. (Red velvet = nightmare. Messy, staining and wouldn't stick to the wrappers? What's up with that?)

And you know? She still loved it.
 Friends brought her a Thomas balloon and oh my! So much delight from a balloon. She played with it for more than an hour, laughing and giggling the whole time. Who knew a balloon was so wonderous?
 She had NO CLUE why everyone was singing at her. The looks on her face were priceless (and sadly not captured on my camera).

And there was more than one "damn it" uttered when she couldn't open the presents.

LOL That's my girl.

Happy Thomas Birthday baby.

P.S. I ordered her a Thomas tutu (the only girly Thomas thing they make) and it didn't arrive. So she wore her boy shirt with a skirt. And you know what? I didn't even care. I also really didn't care that it wasn't a totally creative, hand crafted party.  Clearly I am still growing too.

P.P.S. We will totally be having portraits made in that tutu dress though. Might as well embrace and remember this phase.


  1. How fun! Happy Birthday, Sammi!!! May you receive MANY more balloons in life!!

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Happy Birthday to Sammi! I love how entertaining balloons can be. haha.

    ~ Jennifer

  3. Good for you. Sometimes good enough is best. She looks happy.

  4. Happy Birthday Sammi.

    I've gone the party store route myself on more than one occasion. It really is so much easier sometimes.

  5. Everyone should get to do a party like this once in a while. Sammi had fun and Mom wasn't frazzled.

    The world didn't stop and you'll have plenty more times to do it the other way! Can't wait to see her in the Thomas tutu!

  6. Happy Birthday Sammi, and I hope your balloon is still inflated! Looks like your Mom threw you the perfect party!

  7. Yeah! Happy Birthday, baby. :) Her hair is getting so long! I want to go back in time to when all you needed was a baloon to bring you joy. :)

  8. Been there, done that. One day the kids will appreciate your craftiness but at that age it's hard to compete with licensed-character love! Sammi looks very happy and that's what counts, right? Can you imagine if there was a Thomas character named Sammi? I don't recall one, but they have added many new ones since my kids were of that age. Happy birthday Sammi!


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