Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flea market Sunday

Oh man, Grant has been up since 5 30 in the darn AM with NO NAP. What a day this has been.
Junked up this week:
 Vintage fisher price furniture (have two houses but not a lot of furniture. My dad thought he kept all my stuff at my grandma's house, but when she died it was no where to be found.)
 Lots of sweet doll clothes.

 And a dolly sleeping bag. Sammi likes playing with her dolls and blankets, or "dins" as she calls them.
 A Marx tin log cabin for the dollhouse collection.
 Blogger uploading photos in whatever order they choose again.
 Two not so old German Easter eggs.
 These pictures go with a set of blocks below.
 One of the block sets is all fairy tales.
 Hansel and Gretel.

They are six sided puzzle blocks.
Super cute.
And a quilt. (Of course.) This one is NOT well executed, but the pattern is unusual.
In my sewing stuff I have a set of waterlilies cut out for a quilt that someone never made much progress on.
The cattails are what sold me, Jack and I love cattails.

Alrighty then, Grant crying again and Jackson having yet another tantrum. UGH.


  1. Oh my goodness! I want it ALL! You did very well. Love all those sweet doll clothes and that marx cabin is perfect for my cabin collection. You lucky lady!

  2. It's all good but I love that cabin!

  3. I totally had that blocks puzzle as a kid--and my mom saved it!


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