Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Grant 4 months (and a little)

Well, I am only two weeks late with Grant's 4 month post. LOL

At four months you are:
*still sleeping through the night (hurray!)
*17+ lbs
*wearing 12 month clothing
*still sporting blue eyes, maybe you aren't going to be another brown eyed boy?
*grabbing objects and bringing them to your mouth
*rolling front to back
*still sleeping in the swing. Always.
*chubby cheeked
*still nursing (hurray!)
*a crappy napper
*moving yourself all around your playmat - in a full circle even
*a finger sucker
*in L O V E with your siblings
*sitting up supported
*easily scared (even by a sneeze!)
*staying awake when we are out and about - way too much to see to fall asleep! (much like your older brother)

And so much more.

Love you my littlest dude.

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