Thursday, February 14, 2013

My three little loves

 (Jack's class valentines this year, from pinterest. I thought he could manage the braiding, but sadly he could not. So I spend one day this week braiding, braiding, braiding.)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!


  1. I did the same valentines with my eight your old. We each took an end of the floss and twisted to make twisted cords instead of braids. Other than letting go of his end and having to start over several times, he did pretty well. Much easier than braiding!

  2. What sweet pictures! What sweet kids!
    Hope you give plenty of hugs and smooches to them today!
    Thanks for sharing~hugs to you, too! Lee

  3. Darling pictures of your sweeties. Happy Valentines!

  4. We did the bracelets, too. I thought Layla could help, but she didn't even make it through one bracelet!

  5. That last picture is priceless. I love how smiley Grant is. What a little ham! My daughter made her own Valentines this year via Pinterest too. Sadly, she goes into Middle School next year so this is the last year she will make them and she went all out! I'm still picking glitter out of my nails:-)


  6. Your children are adorable and you take such great pictures of them. Just to digress, is there a story about the quilt behind them?


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