Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Never, ever getting back together

A few weeks ago Dave and I decided to buy the two little kids a nicer play kitchen. Sammi likes "cookin" with her dollies, so it's in the corner of the dining room for now. I was super keen on sewing her some things for the play kitchen, so I ordered this cute fabric for her.
I bought the full yard. But man, when it arrived the thought of putting together ALL THOSE FIDDLY TOYS with my very sore fingers? Yea. Blah. I did make a lot of them into stuffies.
But I also put some of them on play sized flour sack towels I made for her.
And then I turned some more of them into placemats for us.
She has been carrying some of them around for a few days, particularly the ice cream and cupcakes, which she calls "shakes."

Some of them I just plain didn't deal with at all. I was going to put one on a shirt for her or use it on an apron. But honestly, after spending many, many hours* with those things I am never, ever getting back together with them. Over them I am. LOL

*I am having a hard time finding my hour a day to create again. Partially because of pain and exhaustion (which means some days I can only make things for 30 minutes before I have to stop) and partially because of the insanity of the wild things and every day life.


  1. Just adorable! Great job!

  2. Those are so cute and your other ideas besides making stuffies really neat.

    I need to institute that one hour a day thing and get something done around here!

  3. Darling play kitchen area. I have a bunch of fairly easy felt food ideas that don't require sewing. A glue gun probably doesn't help your sore hands, but it might be easier.

  4. Adorable! I love the towels and place mats, even more than if you had made all stuffies.

  5. That is awfully cute fabric, and I'm sorry your hands are hurting that much. Little kids and kitcheny things are just so cute together.


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