Wednesday, April 03, 2013

One for

 One for the dollies. (Made from those crochet squares I bought back in October and asked you all for advice on. It turns out you CAN just zig zag them together and it's quite sturdy. I edged it with some vintage bias trim. I appreciate the confidence that I could learn to crochet but ain't nobody got no time for that.)
 One for Sammi. (Made from laminated cotton. This was a nightmare because my favorite pattern for these smocks was missing pieces and is now out of print. I managed to find a new one on Etsy. Then I made a cutting mistake and it takes a full half yard of fabric to make this, which is all I had. And of course the laminated cotton I used is now out of print too. Had to order more from Hong Kong to finish it. Then it took me THREE tries to get the bias on the armholes. I guess I couldn't remember how to do it even though I have made at least 5 of these smocks before. And ripping out on laminated cotton leaves holes. Sigh.)
 One for Grant. (Also a bit of a disaster. I wanted to use a certain baby apron pattern, printed it out, discovered I had no suitable fabric, went to buy fabric and by the time I had that done she has made the pattern available by paying for it only. Ugh. Since I had the pattern already I just faked it. It worked.)

One for the house. (Zig zagged more of those squares and then backed them with a piece of white cotton. Still have a big pile of those squares and out of ideas.)
One for me. I bought a ring for $1 at the flea and I LOVED it. Then I went to wear it to a family thing and discovered one of the prongs was broken off this setting and the big stone kept falling out. Went on Etsy, found myself a new setting (only one choice in this HUGE size) and voila:

fixed my awesome ring.

Never mind how old my hands look right now. Or that I have arthritis so bad in two fingers I cannot bend them right now. Falling apart a bit I am. Sigh.

So, despite not really having my one hour a day to myself for about two weeks I still managed to do some makin'.  Then my dishwasher died. We are picking up the new one today and hopefully I will be back to my one hour a day VERY VERY soon!


  1. Keep crafting...I am still reading...smiles..Renee

  2. Love how you finished off those squares and that pillow is just perfect. I'm super always!

  3. I am VERY impressed with everything you have gotten done! I clearly need to go to bargaining table for half an hour a day. (An hour seems unlikely around here...)


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