Monday, May 06, 2013

A failed trip to Iowa

I have to say that right now there are a lot of days when I am feeling like every single of my daily tokens is used up just living with pain and dealing with three little kids. Like I have not a single token left at even two in the afternoon to deal with the rest of the day.  So I was REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to our annual trip to What Cheer. We usually go up on Friday, spend the night and do the flea on both Friday and Saturday.

This year? It freaking snowed on Friday. So we delayed going until Saturday.  Then it rained all damn day on Saturday.
You can see the field behind Ginty there and it is dead empty.

So we drove to Iowa and wasted $100 on a hotel we didn't even sleep in and I did NOT get the recharge I was really needing. (I have three very difficult doctor appointments this week and I am trying very hard to steel myself emotionally for this week so I do not fall apart.  There was a big fail with Grant's physical therapy last week and being tokenless I completely lost my shit over it.)

I did manage to buy a few things while I was there. But I am so over trying to flea in the freezing cold rain. So over it.

First, things I did not buy:
Sweet green dresser (no need for it);
Fabulous old mail sorter (too expensive I think? I can't remember);
An old baby crib (love that scallop, but the rails go the wrong way so I can't use it as a quilt hanger which is all I could think to do with it);
FABULOUS child's small dresser - like toddler sized (and $$$).
Oh hi Ginty.

What I did buy:
More bottle caps, I really loved those heart to heart flowers this year.
A toy iron.
This silhouette is made entirely from fabric and marked on the back "from Nora, Christmas 1940").
A basket thingy.
And another barn.

And a HUGE heavy old frame that fell off my cart and now is in the basement waiting for repair.

I also bought two quilts, but they are a post on their own.

Tomorrow I FINALLY see the rheumatologist. Send me some strength to get through whatever it is he has to say.


  1. So sorry your Iowa weekend didn't work out. It's really bad when you looked forward to it.

    I will be thinking of you this week and hoping you can hang in there to get through it.

  2. Sending you lots of positive thoughts, energy and what-have-you. You can do this. You've overcome obstacles before, and you'll overcome this one, too.

  3. praying for you friend! also, I NEED that mint dresser. Or something- furniture is SCARCE around these parts lately and I am in need of a new dresser and bedside table. Things are getting dire up in here.


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