Thursday, May 09, 2013

The quilts

Maybe this is a case of ask and you shall receive.

Despite the fields in Iowa being nearly empty, I found two quilts I had just put on my wish list last week.

A HOT MESS of a yo yo quilt.

It was cheap. Cheap.

And made from a huge variety of super great vintage fabrics.
This MOUNTAIN is the pile of loose yo yos. I am hopeful there are enough in the mountain to put it back together.
But first I have to figure out how to even approach that task.

The woman I bought this from told me her daughter had died from cancer and had left 8 tubs full of old sewing projects behind. She found her SIL trying to BURN THEM all and rescued them. Thank you strange lady for that.
This quilt was one of a matched pair. The other was in rough condition and I was down to my last $20 bill, so I only bought this one. The picture does not do it justice. It is the perfect shade of light pink.
With the sweetest flowers ever.
And the second quilt on my wish list was a good little star.
Honestly, I just die over the loveliness of each and everyone of my quilts.
The quilting on this one is machine done and a more modern looking pattern to me. Wonder what it's history is.

I got the pleasure of two new fillings yesterday plus managing three kids in the dentist's office. That was a good time. But not nearly as good of a time as I will be having tomorrow since tomorrow I get to have an ass ultrasound. Oh yes, that's right, an ass ultrasound since the urogyn suspects my tear from Grant has involved my sphincter muscle. I am telling you I am ready to stand in the yard in a lightening storm and just yell okay God, bring it now and let's get it over with it.  On Monday I resume the hunt for a doctor who will get me the damn lyme disease test.


  1. Well, the quilts are lovely, and I sigh with loveliness of all of yours and all of mine and, geez, I wish you could stay out of a doctor's office for a few days...

  2. I have an addiction to vintage chenille blankets like you have for quilts. How and where do you store them all?!

    And seriously? The doctor again? I'm so happy that you were able to knock two quilts off of your want list because you definitely DESERVE THEM!!



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