Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A semi handmade door decoration

Last week we were running through Target and I spotted these medallions in the stationary section. I wanted to look at them, but by the time I got even close to the stationary section I had long forgotten them. (Having all 5 of us in Target is INSANE. I quite literally have to run because everyone, including David, starts freaking out all the same time. I swear they pump something into the air in there. It's not bad if it's just me and the babies. In fact Sammi when asked if she wants to go bye bye will say "oh, go to Target?" LOL.)

Anyway. Jack had to have an antibiotic this week (cough that has lasted for a month), so I had Dave pick some up for me.

They aren't very cheap, but they saved me a lot of extra work in making a new decoration for the front door.

I wanted to glue them together to look a little like a firework.

I had Pepsi straws from last year at Target (found at goodwill) that I hot glued into a starburst shape. Then I had to cover the middle somehow so I smacked some crepe paper and glitter letters over it.

I don't LOVE that crepe paper part.
It occurred to me in the car this morning that I should have put the center of a horse ribbon there. And maybe glued a glittery star over the center of that.

Sort of like this above. I could change it, but let's be honest ain't nobody got no time for that.

If you are going to glue some together like this here is my only tip - when placing the third pinwheel, in my case the blue polka dots, you need some kind of spacer to hold it up higher than the second one, the red stripes. I used the lid from the paper straws but you could use a paper towel tube too. Glue the spacer to the pinwheel, then glue the pinwheel to the largest one.

Speaking of this morning -  I had time to think of an alternate idea because I left the house WITH NO CHILDREN for four whole hours. I could think!

*Sammi said to me when I got home and we were outside "we hate bugs?" "No, I don't hate bugs, I just don't like them on me." "We hate 'piders?" LOL


  1. Great minds think alike! I shared a similar idea this morning on the blog for those paper decorations. Happy red, white and blue!

  2. I love this!! I have some of those things from the dollar store or the party store or something last year. I love what you did with the straws too!


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