Monday, June 10, 2013

Flea Market Monday

I have approximately 12 seconds in which to get this blog post, get Jack fed before he starts bicycle, call the doctor because my fingers hurt and keep trying to sort out the impossible task of finding childcare for the wild things. (Reallllly? Why is that so hard? I am even paying for and still only able to find occasional care.)

I am still hitting carefully selected garage sales because the flea market is a big empty pit of nothing this year.

A few ornaments. One is a real egg shell that someone has carefully pasted a cut out, very tiny, Christmas scene in.
Finally. The ferris wheel. Except you have to have special little people with straight sides to fit in ferris wheels from the 60s so none of our people work. Who knew? Frustrating for me and the kids.
Puzzles for the Sammi girl, a puzzle wizard.

Fabric that screams Halloween.
For once a quilt that looks better in person than in the photo. Still pretty darn worn though. I keep thinking of those pictures of furniture with quilt slipcovers/upholstery and buying really worn ones thinking I will do. Never mind that I barely have time to pee.

This one is too rough for that. But garage sales have become gosh darn competitive and people are snatching things up left and right and RUNNING to get to them. So I just buy them if they are cheap and worry about it later.  This one is suffering from a loss of batting except where it was heavily quilted. (Have never seen that before actually.)
Sweet bow quilting though.
And a silo!
That came with another barn. This one is super awesome on the inside and is on the shelf inside out. Chickens! Feed sacks!


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with that Halloween inspired fabric and that vintage barn is fabulous. I still have a barn/western thing since Josie's party.

  2. That ferris wheel brought back great memories! And those puzzles--so darling. I loved puzzles when I was just a bit older than Sammi. I still remember the fire engine one. Man! would I love to find one of those!

  3. I enlarged the barn picture so I could see the chickens and feedsacks, but you knew I would.

  4. That vintage barn is the best! Maddie was a puzzle master when she was two also. We bought them by the armloads to keep her busy.

    I plan on tackling that quilt I got at Farm Chicks this week. I will let you know how it goes:-)


  5. AHHHH! That barn! With a silo! Awesome.

    One of the Value Villages near us had a pile of old quilts last night - all $40, and mostly rough-looking, but two had nasty polyester over older quilts underneath. I'm going to wait for them to go half-off, and then I might take the plunge, just in case there's something amazing underneath.

    And I know you're laughing, because if you pay $40, you get a quilt that looks like it's never been used... ;)


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