Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grant 9 months

Ginty! You are 9 months old now.
I had to work extra super hard to get any smiley pics of you today.
Your clapping hands and your little tooth slay me dude. Slay me with cuteness.
But this is how you look at most people you don't know. LOL

At 9 months you:
*Are frowny still
*Babbling - mamama, babababa, nononono, and dadada once
*LOVE laughing at Jack and Sam
*Are on the move. Not exactly crawling yet, but rolling everywhere and pushing with your feet and reeeeaching with your arms and starting to get your legs up a little
*Raising your head REALLY high to look at things
*Skeptical of strangers
*Eating loads and loads of finger foods and always asking for more
*Sometimes sleeping through the night (Almost always curled up on your belly)
*Never needing your swing anymore
*Still horrified at the thought of being left alone
*Smacking your lips in the funniest way when you are full
*21 lbs 14 oz and 29 3/4 inches long (BIG!)
*Wearing 24 months clothes
*Still scritching on everything
*In love with cars and balls and things that move on the floor
*Fascinated by the kitties
*Doing much better at responding to your name
*Pulling toy bins off the shelf and managing to turn them over so you can dig in them - while on your belly on the floor!
*Evening out in your face and chin and no longer leaning to one side
*Bouncing (which might be the beginning of dancing to music?)
*Have two of the cutest little teeth ever
*Have had your first ear infection
*Starting to take baths in the tub
*Not so sure about the swimming pool though
*Also not so sure about babysitters, you refuse to take a bottle from them (thank goodness you can feed yourself finger foods)
*My darling, sweet blue eyed (!) red headed boy.
Love ya baby,


  1. My girl hates to smile for pictures - most shots of her smiling look forced and well, painful. They might be soulmates....

    He's beautiful.

  2. He is adorable! Loved seeing him first thing this morning!!


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