Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hapde Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my husband.

Who never complains about getting up at 4 am with Grant who never stops crying.
Who cleans up puke off the floor without puking.
Who can play princess and mine craft equally well.
Who never complains when I need to go to the fabric store WITHOUT THESE CRYING CHILDREN.
Who is my partner in crime in junking.
Who recognizes what a miracle our kids are.
Who puts us before himself always.
Who works hard every day so I can stay home with the kids and never cries like someone else we know when he misses out on a first moment of a milestone like bike riding. Ahem.
And who is the best dad in the entire universe to our herd of wildebeests.

We love you.

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  1. Such a sweet tribute to your wonderful husband~brought tears! Have a terrific day!


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