Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Makin' Hearts

 I bought a duvet cover that had a large area of small tears. Instead of cutting it up I decided to just repair the holes. At first I thought I would just do squares with one heart, but I loved the hearts so much I did all hearts.
Sammi came over and said "makin' hearts mommy?"


It seems like they have changed my beloved steam a seam 2. The last package did not wash well. It's all hard and crinkly even though it is the same thing I have used for applique for years.

So. My children. They are fighting and crying and screaming constantly. Grant is up every two hours at night. The bigger ones will not make peace. I am going insane. Yesterday Sammi got up and wanted to watch Dora. Jack was watching something else. She asked him nicely twice to put on Dora. He refused.

"It's time." She said.
"Time for what?"
"It's time for you to get on the big orange bus again!" Then she runs to the window to point to the bus stop.


Also, some of my in laws are coming this weekend. I broke down and hired a cleaning service to come on Friday because let's get real here, I cannot even get the daily stuff done right now. I have spent two days cleaning up messes and piles and hot spots of accumulating crap. No sooner do I get one area cleaned up then I turn around and the children have remade that mess or made a new huge mess or completely undone my work.

This is why I don't hire a housecleaner. I can't even get enough things picked up and staying picked up for them to come here!

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  1. You have two babies. Give yourself a break. Good for hiring a house cleaner! I swear, I get this dining room back in order and I'm hiring one to clean up from getting the dining room in order!

    Love that she pointed out it was time for the big "orange" angel to come back for Jack.


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