Friday, June 28, 2013


The pain in my hands and foot was getting seriously unbearable and my blood test results keep getting worse and worse.  The rheumatologist has me on a short course of steroids and a prescription NSAID (does nothing) until I see him again in 10 days. The steroids were helping a lot, but as they start to wind decrease the pain is creeping back.

But for a few short, blissful days I felt like Sarah again. Able to do things AND care for the children. Able to cook dinner. No crying. No working up the courage to stand up or get up in the middle of the night to get the baby. (I really need them to find some drugs that work for me and STAT.)

So I did some makin'.
Makin' for Sammi.
Sleepy head.
Makin' for all of us - strawberry, jalapeno and strawberry jalapeno freezer jams. YUMMY.
Makin' with the kids.
Contact paper butterflies.
Makin' for the holidays.
60 glittery stars for the foyer feather tree.

I could just cry thinking that it was all temporary and soon I am back to hobbled. :-(


  1. I see my JUNK card on your mantle - that makes me happy. :)

    I suffer from a lot of arthritic pain in my knees and in my hands. My fingers are bent at the first knuckle a bit. My Mom has it, my Grandmother had it, her Mother had it and so on and so on. It sucks and it hurts, so I understand. Some nights I sleep with a heating pad and take lots of Arthritis Tylenol. Someday's it's OK and doesn't bother me at all. I know it's hard.

  2. You gotta give yourself major props for taking advantage of the no-pain window you had and cranking out some awesome projects! Seriously, you have more motivation than I do on most days and I don't have to deal with the BS that you do. Your kids are super lucky to have a mama like you!

    Have a great weekend,


  3. have they tried you on Enbrel yet? I just finished all the testing to go on it. I am hopeful it works


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