Thursday, June 06, 2013

Take me out to the ballgame

 We took FIVE kids to Busch Stadium for a Cards game this week.
 It was chilly enough to need jackets.
 Sammi thought her own cup of lemonade was the BOMB.
Grant loved the whole thing.

Sam and Grant are both wearing size 6 month onesies that were Jacks when he was  a baby. How the hell does Sammi still fit in that?

I can't show you Jack because his little friends are in every photo with him.

At least 10 people commented on how "brave" we are to "have 5 children" and bring them to the ballgame. Honestly people. The kids were good. Also, 5 children is a lot?

I had a super duper crappy run in with a colorectal surgeon this week which resulted in much crying both in the doctors office and pretty much all day long. I am just so flipping sick of all these problems. And of doctors offices. And sadly I have now been referred to yet another urogyn who I get to go see at flipping 6 am (!!) tomorrow. (He is seeing me before his clinic opens.)  I am also trying like hell to hire a baby sitter for these children so I have to someone to watch them while I attend 900 doctors appointments.

And also for either Weds or Friday mornings so I can go to an estate sale or something. 

This mama needs a mental break from the world.

So, that's whats happening over here.



  1. Only people who aren't used to kids around all the time think you're brave to take 5 to the ball game. I'd have done it way back when. Now? Wow! You're so brave!

  2. What a fun experience to be at a baseball game with your kids. I'm a baseball fan (SF Giants) and the team announcers are always showing shots of kids at the game and commenting on "another generation" learning to love baseball.

    So sorry your health problems continue. I had three children. I cannot imagine having to cope with health issues and the kiddies too. I'll include you in my prayers.

  3. Goodness your kids are cute. glad fun was had by all. Go Cards!

    Hoping things turn around soon for you on the health front.


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