Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A little something for you

Have a baby? Having a baby? Know someone having a baby?

I was lucky enough to be selected for a seventh generation baby home party and thought some of you might like to get in on the fun. One of the things I am truly passionate about is what kind of products I use on the kids and their stuff. I try very hard to use chemical free sunscreens, detergents and soaps for them. It's a little harder with Grant's eczema problem (I think even zinc sunscreen is irritating it, ugh), but it's well worth the extra money for me.

Leave a comment and I will have a kid pull two names for an envelope of Samples, coupons and healthy home literature from seventh generation. Plus I am *sure* I have something vintage and fun lying around here, ahem, that I can throw in there for you.

Not a big give away, but I always love getting stuff like this for my own kids.

US only please. Comments open until Friday at 6 pm.

P.S. I have *finally* done some work to the Makin' Projiks facebook page. Join us there for blog updates, facebook only content, links to pinterest and whatever else strikes my fancy. I even figured out how to make the title look the same as here on the old blog. :-)


  1. I love seventh generation products. Good for kids and adults.

  2. I haven't used 7th generation, but with the recent info that J&J uses formaldehyde in their products without lableing it's use, I'm ready to find other options.

  3. I actually love 7th generation products, except for their diapers. :)

  4. I love all the 7th generation things I have tried so far, so it would be fun to try of their other products. The kids are looking wonderful, Sarah!


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