Sunday, July 07, 2013

Swimming on a Sunday

I bought myself a new toy a few weeks ago at Costco - a Fuji xp60 waterproof camera*. Pool pics of my kids are like my most favorite thing ever and today I took it for a spin all around the pool. Under the water, in the water. It rode around the pool on the babies' raft.

I am impressed that it sees through the water to get her toes.
And the underwater shots are pretty awesome too.
The kids would like to go swimming more often but our pool is only open from noon until 8. That leaves ZERO good hours to take a whole bunch of little kids swimming. We manage to squeeze it in from noon to 2 some days. Which means delaying lunch so everyone is beyond hungry and the littles are WAY ready for their afternoon nap by the time we get home. But after 5 is dinner and baths and bed. Stupid pool hours.
It's a lot of work taking two littles though anyway and I pretty much need another set of hands to watch them both in the water.

It does make for a nice Sunday afternoon though.
Last year Sammi LOVED this slide. She went again and again and again. This year? She went once this time but decided it's too scary.
My only gripe about the camera is you have to watch for water droplets on the lens. They ruin a lot of photos if you don't notice them. A dip in the pool rinses them away, but I lost a bunch of Grant in love with the orange ball to the dreaded droplet.

*Costco has a super fantastic price on the camera with extras and 100 free prints and a memory card and a case and the whole 9 yards. I had been watching them on Amazon, but they were unbeatable by at least $50. Just in case you are in love with pool photos too. And no, I am not paid. I paid for the camera with craigslist selling money. :-)

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