Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Vintage soft fabric books

I picked up a BIG stack of my favorite soft books at a yard sale this weekend.

I think there might be more than 10 of them.
I have a sort of crazy idea of what I want to do with them.
But I cannot decide it is truly crazy.
Or truly awesome.
Or even the least bit practical.
I won't get to it for a bit anyway. I have to finish the yo yo quilt first.
And before I know it Halloween costume time will be upon me.

But it's there and it's brewing. And this pillow I made many moons ago is the jumping off point.


  1. I hope you make a quilt with them...that would be awesome.

  2. Are we talking a quilt? We've simply GOT to be talking a quilt. They're screaming to be made into a quilt!!!
    Happy 4th!


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