Saturday, August 31, 2013

61 miles of yard sales

Dave and I made our annual trip to the 61 mile yard sale yesterday. Some years this thing is amazing - chandeliers! quilts! feedsacks! and some years dreadful. Last year I bought ONE item.

This year? Hotter than hell and what I am going to give a B. Things to buy for me, things to buy for the kids, but nothing that makes you clutch it and run to the car screaming.
A pair of mint green tablecloths with felt flowers and pink trim.
The flowers are in a basket on the second one.
Lord knows why blogger made this huge. 1980s paper dolls.
I never, ever used to party supplies in advance, but I have started to. I bought a bunch of cinderella party stuff (disney branded) and these plastic glass slippers and carriages. Sammi is all about the princesses this week. Let's hope it lasts awhile.
I thought this tablecloth with the pockets and boys would be fun for a tea party or princess party too.
Some fabric. I actually bought the left one for someone else.
A stack of bird prints someone had removed from a book. These were in someone's free pile.

They are actually really nice prints. But I am not going out in 100+ degrees to get a better picture. LOL

A wire display thingy. I liked it. I have no clue what to do with it. It was 50 cents. Sold.
A free vintage airplane with a broken propeller. I thought it might be fun in Grant's room when he gets an upgrade to a toddler room.
I actually needed one of these AND it is FULL of clothespins. All of mine are long gone. Maybe the squirrels steal them? I have to hang princess dresses on the line and that takes a lot of darn pins.

The guy laughed at me for buying a huge box of these for a dollar. They are old scrap crafts for scouts magazines. They are a damn good laugh and well worth the dollar. No sense of humor in these people I swear. :-) (Although some of them are useful, the Christmas one has paper house patterns. I am pretty sure we do not need meat tray purses though.)
Old roses on plaster bookends.

Medicine bottles for Halloween.
"Cocoaine." Ha.
And a rough log cabin quilt. This was a lucky find since there were no other quilts this year. It was in a pile of blankets at  a really small sale.

It's a little rough but sweet.

As far as the rest of the weekend - my kids are sick still. Grant has double ear infections, Sammi is coughing again, Dave has been sick all week and it's hot. I am hoping to spend some time this weekend making things for Grant's first birthday! 

I will post the sign ups for the Halloween swap tomorrow both here and on facebook.

Happy end of the summer weekend to you!


  1. If you click on the picture in edit view, you will see the size choices - could be the file size automatically made blogger make it bigger or you could have inadvertently done something to make it bigger. It's easy enough to fix.

    Great scores.

  2. Looks like an A+ sale to me. Although the heat does play into that, I know. It is the biggest weekend of the year for sales in my area and I have decided to stay home in the A/C. I have looked high and low for a rack like that for my Vintage Sale. It would be excellent for jewelry. Did you find the perfect stuffed elephant from Grant?

  3. Despite the wicked heat, you came home with some treasures. Hope the germ fairy leaves your home soon.

  4. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Great finds. I have that clothespin bag too. Makes me want to hang things on the line just to show it off.

  5. My favorite find is the wire rack! Can't wait to see what you end up using it for.

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