Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cinderella's seamstress

Yesterday I hit the mother lode of princess dress costumes at the thrift. 11 of them to be exact. (A dress up closet is on Daddy's do very soon list.)

Sleeping Beauty...
Snow white...
An awesomely fun mermaid...
Cinderella and more*.
These silly things needed some mending (they always seem to need mending, don't they realize little girls will want to wear them, so I sat down and mended them all last night.

A huge fluffy pile of Cinderella's mending.
Then Sammi proceeded to put every single one of them on. (It was nightime in our poorly lit bedroom = bad photos.)
Then she twirled around and made the skirts fly out (where did she learn that?) and demanded we call her Queen Sammi.
She settled on Sleeping Beauty for bed. LOL

It's exhausting being a princess.  (And her seamstress!)

*A proper tinkerbelle eludes me. And tinkerbelle is her favorite. In fact, she calls every single tutu tinkerbelle.

**This morning she is putting them all on again. Sometimes three at one time. And yelling that she is spiderman. Grant is desperately trying to rip the tutu right off her while she gallops around the living room. LOL


  1. I made a tinkerbell costume for my girl back in the day. Except for the tiny fabric covered elastic straps, it was a pretty easy project.

  2. What a lovely score for your little princess.

  3. Those costumes are expensive! Awesome thrift find for sure.

    Love that photo of Sammi with her hand on her hip. What a little diva :-)


  4. Oh lordie, she is CUTE!

  5. Too cute...I have purchased the Disney ones for Reese and yes they are expensive so she only gets them for Christmas or b-days...yours look like they are glitter -free...a PLUS b/c my house looks like a seedy place on the east-side after a twirl or 2...even after several washings! I know who pass them onto...hehe!

  6. Oh, she is SO CUTE! And how wonderful of you to mend all of those for her. Lucky girl!


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