Monday, August 12, 2013

Fashion Show

Oh hi there.

So, what's been happening with you?

Around here:
*Grant sprouted tooth number three.
*Sammi starts one day a week of preschool this week.
*Sammi starts one day a week of dance class in September.
*Jack goes back to school on Wednesday.
*Sammi saw sharks on tv and yelled "oh look! Sharks! Need my swimming suit."
*Sammi started using much more complete sentences. Along the lines of "Mommy! My chocolate is right there on the floor. Right there."
*Grant has started using a lot of words - mom, dad, cat, hi, hey, jack, and some baby version of "whats that".
*My house is a constant holy living disaster area.
*I printed all EIGHT years of the blog! Mission accomplished.
*I got food poisoning. I ate Subway and two hours later started puking uncontrollably. I had to call Dave to come home to take care of the kids. Sammi would not leave the bathroom (and Jack would not help me) and she kept standing there saying "Oh mommy, you spit!"
*Then I got the children's cough. I think I might die. Coughing in my, ahem, current Prolapse state? YEA good times that.
*My kids never sleep through the night.
*Jack went fishing with my dad. My dad reports that no one should worry, those fish are all safe and sound. (Not a single one caught.)
*I may, or may not, be counting the hours until the big yellow angel arrives. 36.

*Jack went to six flags:

*I took Sammi and Grant to a local splash pad while Jack was at six flags because every single time Jack goes somewhere without her Sammi starts to wail "JACKIE! MY JACKIE! GET MY JACKIE!" (This week ought to be fun, no?)

Sammi apparently can walk on air.
*We went to a girlfriends house where Grant rolled around in the grass (and a chicken tried to eat food off of his clothes and face), and Sammi spent the day chasing chickens and goats, and Jack spent the night (cue Sammi wailing):

*Grant has decided he wants to hold his own spoon. And cup:

*Sammi constantly asks for a "fashion show." Today she spent the whole day demanding a "bigger pretty crown". So I made one. (My camera lens must be dirty, ugh).

So I spent an hour today making her a "big pretty crown."

And she put it on, ketchup face and all.

Then she started mumbling something.
Then she became irate and started desperately trying to rip the butterfly back off. When I took it away she had a tantrum.

Man. Fun.

And that's about a week in my life right now.


  1. Well, it all sounds pretty good. Maybe not the Subway stuff, and a few other things, but all in all, pretty good. (I love Subway so much, but yours is not the first such story I have heard...)

  2. Oh my. Never a dull moment at your house huh?

  3. Sounds like chaos, but the good kind (minus the puking & coughing of course).

    Glad you are back. I was hoping that you had been on a deserted island somewhere with Jon Bon Jovi serving you cocktails. Ha!


  4. Frankly I am exhausted just reading what's been going on over by you, but it also sounds like alot of fun! Except for the Subway incident. I've often felt like I was rolling the dice while eating there...


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