Monday, August 19, 2013

Flea Market Monday

 I found this silly picture of the kids on the camera after I hurriedly took some blog pics this morning. Sammi wanted the boys to wear headbands - Jack refused - so they put it on Grant instead. LOL (Yes, Sammi's hair is a wreck - self styled of course, her clothes don't match, and Grant needs a diaper. Many days this summer were R O U G H.)
 Even the best junk is starting to dry up. There is only about a month more of decent junking around here before everyone starts to turn their attention to other fall pursuits.  This week was a fabric week.

A purple dot (not entirely sure this is a cotton, but it was a dollar.)
 Two colorways of this print. (All of this is wrinkly as all get out. I HAD to wash it. It was so dusty you couldn't move it without a cloud of dust escaping.)
 Small piece of a beautifully classic yellow print.
 Two yards of this fabulous blue.
 A purple feedsack! (I finally have enough purples for the purple quilt, but it is taking a back seat to the other things on the list for right now.*)
 Fabulous orange.
 I think there is enough of this border print for new kitchen curtains. But hello again list.
 I can't seem to stop buying these. So classically 1930s. And I will never ever make them into a labor intensive quilt. Some day I will put them all to some use though.
This is just a tiny taste of the big pile of them I bought.

I left behind a great flannel print because I still have no clue what to use those flannels for.

*My pinterest is driving some of you crazy with Halloween stuff. But we are busy nearly every weekend from now until October with obligations and I have two birthday parties (a first for my Ginty!) and three Halloween costumes and one shower curtain in progress already on the list between now and then. My ass needs to get crafting. :-)

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  1. Hi Sarah!
    The kids are so cute! :)
    And I'm glad to hear that you now have enough purple fabric for your quilt!
    My blog is still a nightmare but I wanted to thank you for your comment!
    I'm still workin on it!
    Erica :)


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