Sunday, August 04, 2013

Flea Market Sunday

There was a moment last week when I thought "argh! I have lost what little mojo I had this summer" as I wandered around aimlessly on my day without my kids finding nothing.

But then I sniffed them out.


(Remnants of the label.)

A super cute Adirondack chair for dolls.
These books have some amazingly fun crafts for the kids. I plan on having Jack choose one to do this week.
And then this. The sweetest quilt. It looks just perfect next to my new Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.
Bad time of day for light, but...
green and pink and purple oh my.

I haven't had time to look up the pattern yet, but I am seriously in love with it. (And I really should buy myself a proper vintage quilt pattern guide I suppose.)

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. I wish I lived close to you because I love love all your wonderful vintage find! I never see things like you find here!
    Enjoy your blog

  2. i think your new quilt is a lotus pattern, or maybe lotus blossom pattern. pretty find.

  3. I have only ever found feedsacks one time. They were mixed in with a bag of vintage tablecloth scraps. I have no idea what I am going to do with them but there is no way I am getting rid of them. They are SUPER hard to find around here!

    Cute Adirondack chair. The graphic is the best.

    Have a great week!


  4. The Quilt Queen scores! That quilt is just gorgeous! And I wish all feedsack still had their labels. It would make identifying them so much easier for some of us novices.....

  5. The nose always knows. Feedsack, and lavender to boot! You'd have had a good day even without that - icing on the cake.


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