Friday, August 16, 2013

It's not the fourth of July anymore

 Sammi CRACKS me up. Yesterday she came over to me with this in her hand. "Look Mommy, shark bite kitty!"

I have been annoyed by the 4th decor on my front door for weeks now. But I had no clue what to put up there. Too soon for Halloween. Not really fall. Blargh.

I had 20 minutes when the kids were quiet yesterday so I rummaged around in my wreath area and found this glittery pewter colored number I bought at Goodwill sometime last year.

 It had pinecones and acorns on it. I think Target sold it between Thanksgiving and Christmas? I cut the pine cones off (too wintery) and started rummaging around looking for something else to stick on it.

I had imagined different patterns of scrapbook paper cut into leaves. I was sure I owned some of those. Turns out my leaves are solid orange and brown and bright green. They were too ugly.

Rummage around some more looking for a bunch of acorns I bought last year. Can't find, clock ticking.
 While rummaging find jewel toned velvet millinery fruits and leaves. Aha!

Stick them on. Glue on part of an acorn chocolate mold and faded velvet ribbon.

The leaves are all velvet too.

Stand back and fall in love. The glitter! The velvet! Totally not my usual style but times they are a changin'.

Now bring on Halloween. :-)


  1. Love it! Especially the acorn chocolate mold :)

  2. I finally just took down my 4th decorations. It's hard trying to decide what to put up until fall so I just held out changing them as long as possible.

    Love that wreath. It's definitely different than any of your other ones. That's what makes it so great :-)


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's gorgeous and the acorn mold is such a cool detail!


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