Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last day of summer, First day of School

I heard the angels start singing at about 8 :39 this morning.

Well, what I really heard was no fighting, screaming, crying, asking for food, asking for juice, complaints of poopy diapers, toys hitting the floor, phones ringing...

Jack started third(!!) grade.

Sammi started preschool.
In a mama made dress I just barely eeeked out  last night. (Tutorial via prudent baby.)
Yesterday my van was being repaired so we were marooned at home.

We walked to the neighborhood park to play.
Sammi made me walk while holding her on these monkey bars like a 100 times. Above my head. Good times.
Grant's funny faces slay me.

Seriously though, with his little elfin face and that shock of orange hair that sticks right up, his chubby baby rolls and his bright blue eyes - could he get any cuter right now?

I think not.

Truthfully though, there has been a little shift at our house. It's tiny but it's there.

With two going to school and the hiring of a baby sitter (actually several sitters so I am never without one) I am starting to feel a teensy bit like the end of the last three years of insanity is finally in sight.

I have done nothing but bottles and diapers and pregnant and night time wake ups and constant care for two little people for years now. I can *almost* see the end of bottles and formula. And the day when Grant starts  to walk and gain some independence.  They are starting to play together (!!! WOOOHOOO!).

I can almost smell that little bit of free space in my mind and days again. I love my babies, but I love growing up part too.

And I welcome it.

With wide open arms.


  1. That boy belongs on a jar of baby food or something. He's just adorable!!! And the dress for Sammi is darling. Enjoy the blissful peace when you can get it.

  2. Tbe light at the end of the tunnel is a good thing. Wonderful to have kids and be a mom, but also need time for yourself and what you enjoy. They do grow up fast tho! Third grade! Love that Sammi wore the dress...
    enjoy that free time when it MORE THAN DESERVE IT!

  3. It goes so fast. My oldest will be a senior in high school and my youngest is starting middle school. Yikes!! It's kind of hard though, especially because I like to think of myself as a young mama (37). So now I'm at that point where I'm regretting a little bit not having that third baby! Oh well, to late to look back now.

    Jack and Sammi look so proud of themselves! And Grant? Well he looks like he thinks he's pretty dang funny. :-)


  4. Nothing nicer than light at the end of the tunnel! (Adorable pics, as always.)


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