Thursday, September 19, 2013

A quick master bedroom makeover

I decided in the middle of the night the other day that I wanted to put our bed back on the wall we had on it when we first moved in.  Sammi sleeps on the other side of the wall we were on and her tossing was keeping me up half the night.

Dave indulged me over the weekend and moved all the furniture and our giant ass tv. (Yes, do not be fooled by pretties, I have a 42 inch tv in that room. Hey, we live here!)

I decided I wanted the room more funky bohemian and less shabby princess chic. But mixed.
Instead of a white dust ruffle I made one with vintage fabric I had rescued from a nasty old blanket. Our bed is an antique so it sits WAY off the ground and in the past I have tried a 100 different things for a dust ruffle. Two ruffles, layered ruffles, ruffles of different sizes, blankets, etc. Nothing is long enough. There was no way around just making one. (Hard on the arthritis in my shoulder for sure.)
Then out went the matchy matchy curtains.

Out come more quilt tops from the cabinet. I want to live with them and love them every day.
And I do love them!
When we went to Iowa in May (total bust - it snowed), I bought this frame for the princely sum of $1. It was in pieces. I had Dave just screw it back together, nothing fancy. While I was rummaging in his work room I found a painted cast iron piece we bought when Jack was a toddler.
He screwed it to the top and added chicken wire for me.

LOVE IT. I want to get more photo booth pictures taken of us so I can hang them up there.
Another quilt top on the other window.

My favorite hooked rug came out of storage.

I am still playing with what to do on this side of the tv.
I just pinned up glass glitter letters from Michaels for now.
And I am still playing with what to put above my night stand.  I think it needs fun canvases. I have one coming of Grant this week I plan to try out.

So, a fun and funky bedroom makeover for ZERO dollars. Score!
This wall is next up on my "hit list". It no longer looks exactly like this, but I am dying to put something funkier up there too.
But what?


  1. Love the quilt top curtains. Fun to mix it up occasionally..your room looks great!

  2. That kitten hooked rug is fabulous and I love those quilt top curtains.

  3. Have to say that I love the quilt top curtains also...I have been buying old floral sheets for awhile now because I want to piece together some curtains and make a somewhat similar duvet cover to have at the end of my bed. Love your finds though.

  4. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I would give my eye teeth to have access to quilts and quilt tops like you guys do over there. They look beautiful as curtains!

  5. My bedroom is totally shabby too so it's fun to see how you can mix in other décor and it works!

    I love when I redo a room and all I have to do is pull items out of storage or from other rooms. It still seems new even though I didn't spend a penny. BTW.....I also have a 42 inch tv in my room. Those people who say there should be no tv in the bedroom obviously have never had one!



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