Sunday, September 08, 2013

Flea Market Sunday

It feels like ages since my last flea market Sunday.

And it was POURING rain this morning, but I was not going to be deterred.  Even though it has been 100 degrees again here, I can feel the end of junk season approaching.
A fisher price repro.
"Oh, those are old. I need $2 for it." Umm, booyah! (I don't have any of these yet.)
Parts of an old Imri mobile.
I am particularly fond of the spoon. I was sitting in Grant's room rocking him endlessly at 4 am again and thinking about Renee's dresser with the Irmi handles just last night. One of Grant's knobs is broken off and I think it's time to try out that project once and for all.
A kit quilt.
Apple blossoms or dogwood? Lovely still.
How often do you see a quilt "action" photo? It was so hot and I was getting so irritated that it kept falling off the fence.
I am so charmed by the green and pink and orange of this quilt. It's faded around the edges and it was a little pricey, but it was singing to me so I went back for it. (I know quilt regret all too well. Sigh.)
Even better it's a signature quilt.
Had I had another girl she would have been Ruth.

Love the "old fashioned" names.

Back to cleaning up my wreck of a house. I give up on these damn shiny hardwood floors. I have tried every thing under the sun and nothing works. Bona, pledge, windex, vinegar, water, bruce hardwood cleaner. They are a mess. I will never have SHINY hardwood ever again.


  1. Love the orange & green quilt. My house is orange and green (with pink & purple of course.)

    That other quilt definitely looks more like dogwoods than apple blossoms.

  2. pretend they're mat finished!!

  3. Another fabulous haul. Love the vintage Halloween and I had completely forgotten about Renee's dresser with the Irmi handles until you mentioned it. Swoon.

  4. Good choice going back for that quilt. It is gorgeous. I'd go with dogwood on the kit quilt, but call it whatever makes you happiest.

  5. Lucky you to have found vintage Halloween at the flea market. It so hard to find around here and when I do, it's CRAZY expensive!

    On a side note, I finally got up the nerve to wash that beautiful quilt I bought at the Farm Chicks show in June. I followed your tips to the letter and it turned out beautifully. Obviously all of the decades old stains didn't come out but it also didn't fall apart and the musty smells are gone. Thanks again for the help!


  6. Oh my is that signature quilt to die for. I LOVE it. What a great find!


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