Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flea Market Sundays

Woohoo, I made it until Sunday. Just barely. I have a lot to blog about this week and a lot of things to do this week (surgery for Ginty, blech, but also his first birthday party!).

 Since Sammi is into Cinderella I was browsing vintage Cinderella things on Ebay one day and spotted one of these apron patterns. It is so cute.
 So I was pleased as punch to pick one up locally at the flea this morning (a lot cheaper than Ebay too).  I have been changing some things around the house, maybe it needs to be hanging up in the kitchen?
 Parties on the brain.
 And Halloween too.
 A 7 inch tall stack of 6 x 6 feedsack squares?
 Umm, yes please! (Just a sampling of the prints. There is a good size pile of each of the prints.)
 I looked all over for these toy horseshoes when we had Jack's cowboy party. I picked them up thinking we might repeat the cowboy party for Grant one day.
 I wish this was a better pic - this is one of the sweetest toddler smocks EVER.
 I was also admiring these fairy princess costumes on ebay this week. It's pretty darn fragile so not for play time, but I can't wait to hang it up at Halloween.
 Ornaments and some old garland.
I cleaned out a closet this week and discovered a ton of plain ornaments in one of my boxes, which means I actually have room to store more good ornaments! I can stop with the "I am not buying any more ornaments" thing. I don't have any like this one. It's indented on both sides. Love.

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Gat finds! I love when you find so,etching you were searching for elsewhere. I haven't been thrifting much but hope to get out next weekend.

    I'll drop the elephant in the mail to you tomorrow for Ginty's birthday :)

  2. Perfect timing to find some of the very same things you have been peeking at on ebay. Good for you!

  3. Those horseshoes are the best! They are one of those things that I would buy having no idea what to do with them. Too cute to leave behind for sure.


  4. I went to an Auction last weekend that was held at a farm. They were a brother and sister that never married and lived on the farm their whole lives and let me tell you, there was nothing new at the auction! Since reading your blog, I've learned so much about feed sack fabrics and there were a TON of feed sacks there!! Made me think of you and my sister, who also collects feed sack. I wasn't able to bid on any of it, though, because the prices were well out of my price range, but there were boxes and boxes of uncut feed sacks, boxes of feed sacks scraps, and close to 100 quilts made from feed sacks that looked to be in mint condition! As if she made them to pass the time, but never used or gave any away. Anyway, I just wanted to share that I have learned much from you, so thanks!


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