Friday, September 13, 2013

I am getting so tired of...

Last night I got out of bed at 10:06 and I noticed Jack's light was still on.

I go marching my mad self down the hall, throw open the door and immediately start in when I see him laying there reading - "I am so tired of telling you to go to bed! Every single..."

And then I noticed his eyes were closed. Ha. Sound asleep. That's what I get for starting in with the grumping before I even look around I suppose. (Yesterday was not a good day. The kids were insane, the house is trashed and my arthritis has been so bad this week.)

When he saw this picture of himself this morning he said "I knew it! I was reading a sentence and the next thing I knew (snoring sounds)."
Grant has been REALLY wanting to ride this thing. He watches Sammi ride it every day. Yesterday Dave plopped him on it and started cleaning up toys.

Now, *I* know he can't stay on it. The kids try and put him on it every single day and he rolls right off. Dave doesn't *know* that because he is at work during these shenanigans.

But wouldn't ya know? Dave plopped him on it and he stayed on it for a good long while. Bouncing up and down even. When he did eventually roll of it he looked so darn surprised. LOL
In the chaos yesterday Jack broke one of  my frames. It was sitting on the counter because I could not figure out a way to glue it back together.

Yet again. (Poor thing has been busted so many times.)

This morning I needed it off the counter so I whipped out my paper stapler and stapled that sucker back together and hung it back up.

MacGyver for the win?

Thank God it's Friday.

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  1. Crawling and riding a bouncy thing? It's been quite a week of milestones for Grant, hasn't it?

    That pic of Jack asleep with a book made me smile. I am a voracious reader and it makes me super happy seeing kids enjoy reading. Much better than falling asleep with the tv on!



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